Monday, May 26, 2008

You Know You're a Spanko when:

You know you are a spanko if:

1-Onomatopoeias are a real turn on
2-You remember the day you learned the phrase "brand spanking new"
3-You read the book The Whipping Boy to do a book report in elementary school
4-You remember the first time someone slapped you on the ass playfully
5-Two words "The Secretary"
6-Two more words "Corner time"
7-You know what "Vanilla", "OTK", and "Bratting" mean
8-You know what a brush from the Vermont Country Store is good for, and you've perused the site.
9-The word discipline makes you swoon
10-You rent a movie because of a few seconds of spanking in a scene
11-You've tried self spanking
12-You know what ping pong is really for
13-You have more to add to this list


Philip Kemp said...

14. When everyone else wants to fuck some gorgeous movie star, you want to spank - or be spanked by - them.

15. As a kid, you looked up 'spank' in every dictionary you could lay your hands on.

16. On a closely printed page, the word 'spank' or 'spanking' stands out as if printed in scarlet capitals.

17. In a store, you find yourself lingering by the hairbrushes or the wooden spoons.

18. You believe no girl is EVER too old to be spanked.

Pest said...

19. You look up other words other than spanking like flogging, beating, slapping, etc.

20. You feel tingly all over when you hear the words, "I am going to spnak you, young lady" or something similar to that.

21. You crave spanking all the time and fantasize about it almost every waking moment.