Monday, May 26, 2008

Ode of a Spanko

I need you to spank me.
I need you to fuck me.
I need you to love me.
Hold me
Correct me
Pick me up
Collect me

Chivalry turns me on, but only for so long.

So I offer myself up to you. 
Do with me as you will

I trust you
I love you
My body tingles at the thought of your big strong hands
Each stroke
Each slap
Each thrust

I squeal, but don't you hesitate!
You make me Wait

My eager bottom
Waits for you 
My eager clit 
Swells for you
My shaking body
Lusts for you
My tender heart
Loves you



Pest said...

A very nice poem, Michelle. I like it and it shows you put a lot of thought into this spanking fetish that is shared by so many others.

Michelle said...

Thank you pest!