Sunday, May 11, 2008

Spanking # 2: Awkward but Real (REAL SPANKING RECOUNT)

Hi guys
I was spanked today largely because of you-- It's because of you I had the strength to keep going, I knew I needed a good story lol. Anyway. here it is.

So Monday night Drew dropped me off at my dorm after class. He invited me to his apartment for some play but instead I went to my dorm to do homework, but I didn't do homework, I blogged until 4 am. I was so tired, that I didn't finish my assignments and I overslept. The next day I cut class to finish my homework.

While I was with Drew today, I prayed for him to ask me if I followed the rules, I didn't want to admit to it without being asked. So we went to his place, I rented Secretary-- (best mainstream spanko movie EVER.) and before we watched it he said,
"Hey, did you follow the rules this week?"
"No. I didn't do my assignments." I told him the whole story and then he said we'd watch the movie and deal with the spanking after-- tantalizing anticipation. After the amazing spanking scene in Secretary (Youtube it if you haven't) I asked if it turned him on. He said that her reactions turned him on. He said it was fun to be dominant but it hadn't turned him on. But making your partner happy is what it's all about. After the movie he told me to go into the bedroom FUCK, I was so not in the mood to be spanked, I didn't know it was possible, but lo and behold. I dragged my feet on the floor and went into his room. He asked me what's the matter,
"I don't want to be spanked." I muttered
"Okay we don't have to do it babe." He replied.
"Yes we do, it's part of the agreement." I said "Let's keep our agreement"
"Um, okay."
"Babe, are you okay with spanking me?" I asked
"Honestly, I'm just confused." He said looking at me earnestly
"I want you to spank me."
"Okay then, kneel over the bed with your pants off."
I pulled my pants down, I felt like a six year old brat, I did not want to take my pants down. I knelt over the bed and WHAM, Drew does not know the meaning of warming up. WHAM, WHAM, after each slap my whole body would shift and he would drag it back into position holding my feet down on the ground, damn it hurt so good. You read the stories and forget that each WHAM each WHACK each SLAP has an individual and distinct pain associated with it building up to an ultimate tingling and excitement. As the spanking went on I really wished he would stop, but we don't have a safe word for punishment spankings (that's the point--it's a punishment) so I bared it. After about 100 or so and several loud OWs he stopped and started massaging my bottom.
"Are you okay?" I asked
"I just need some proof that you enjoy this" He was shaking a bit
"Slide your fingers a little forward"
As he slid his fingers between my lips he felt the magnitude of wetness produced by his handiwork. And I think he's starting to get it. He took his pants off and told me to suck his cock as he forced my head into his pelvis and his cock into my throat. I sucked till he was moaning "you could get really good at this." (I should say that the next time he spanks me) He is the first person I've ever gave head to. After he was done, he asked me to start masturbating and then he started spanking me as a masturbated, I moaned a bit, which excited him some more.
We played and rubbed and humped, (we unfortunately can't have sex right now because I have a vaginal condition that prevents that.) and then I asked him to hit me with a belt.

And he did, he double his belt over twice and wailed on me a few times! And you know what? His hand is SO much worse! We played a bit, he took his stuffed Einstein and spanked me with it a bit, and we laughed, then he massaged me and I him. It was so fun,

As we just sat and cuddled, he stared at me, and said "You are such an amazing woman. AND you're only 20! That's what makes you so amazing; you're just beginning"
I loved that moment.

After our play, he drove me back to the dorm, my bottom started swelling and bruising! SO exciting.

He may be a vanilla, but he is one open minded, loving, and accepting vanilla. Who knows, maybe he's not vanilla, maybe he is just white chocolate disguised as vanilla


Pest said...

Thanks for sharing your story with us, Michelle. Don't classify him as a vanilla yet since you two are just starting to do the semi Domestic Discipline scene. It was good that you did NOT let him out of spanking you when he said to forget about it. That takes courage and also you would have resented him and yourself if you didn't go through with the spanking that you two have agreed to deal with. I am glad that you two were able to have some play time even though you can't have actual intercourse. I am sure that royally sucked but sometimes we can't have what we want! As to giving Drew head and is the only guy I am glad that you enjoy it and with practice I know you will have lots of fun doing it and improving your technique. Like the saying goes, "Practice makes perfect".

Bonnie said...


I loved your response to the question about proof. What more convincing argument could there be?

Thanks for sharing that great story. As Pest says, time and experience will improve your skills at all these fun activities. Enjoy!


Michelle said...

Pest- Yeah-- we've actually never had good sex-- I have a condition called vulvodynia and it sucks royally

Bonnie- You know I feel like a rock star is writing on my wall whenever you post. He He
Thanks for the support