Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Rules

Drew and I have rules, we decided that for a month we would try out a semi domestic discipline relationship. I say semi because we have rules and he is in charge of deciding what I get spanked with and when I get spanked etc, but it is still a part of sexual foreplay (unlike most DD)
  1. Get assignments done on time
  2. Exercise 3x a week 45 minutes a time
  3. Call him 2x a week (don't wait for him to call me)
  4. Be a vegetarian (He loves the animals :-))
  5. No rude comments esp. in public
  6. Don't do anything that could put us in danger (ie. talk to him while he is trying to focus on the road)
So I've been getting it all done, but this weekend I went out of town and didn't get all my assignments done on time, so I deserve a spanking-- but I don't want to tell him, I want him to ask me!
Well, we have all next Saturday together, I have I feeling I end up end up by the end of the night.


Pest said...

Michelle, since you and Drew are trying to do a semi domestic discipline relationship you MUST tell him about you not getting your assignments done. It is part of the trust issue. He might ask you and he might not but then again you are responsible for telling him things that you have done to break the rules. If you break a rule you have to confess or it could be harder on you. Just keep that in mind and then again you will feel better afterwards even though your butt won't feel better. That is part of DD relationship hunny!

Michelle said...

Yes, I know.
It's funny because I was usually excited at the prospect of a spanking this time don't want to be spanked for it, and the fact that I don't want it, excites me-- It's like I am excited to get what I don't want, if that makes any sense.

Pest said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of Spanking, hunny! You aren't alone when you feel this way! Many spankos feel the same way!