Monday, May 19, 2008


"You've been a bad girl haven't you?" Chris said to me condescendingly. I hate when he plays like that. I like it realistic, otherwise I don't get that dreadful anticipation that makes me so hot.

I nod bashfully and roll my eyes.

"Did you just roll your eyes at me?!" SLAP Chris shouts as he slaps my face. "Answer me, slut."

I love it when he plays rough

"Yes sir." I mumble "I hate it wh--" SMACK

"When I want you're opinion I'll ask for it. Now pull down your pants and underwear."

Slowly I peel down my skinny jeans, fuck they're hard to get off, then I pull down my pink boxer briefs attempting to hide the evidence of how happy this game made me. Chris threw me over his broad lap and began rubbing my bottom with his hairbrush then WHAP aiiiee jeez that hurt
SMACK I feel the my buttocks giving way and jiggling to the beat of the hairbrush. SLAP SMACK SLAP. Shit! This effing hurts. I stare at the beige carpeting on the floor and the side of his hairy legs, trying to think up games to make it hurt less. SMACK

"I'm sorry. Please, please stop!" I squeal and squirm.

The only answer I get is the methodical fiery attack on my backside.
Then after an eternity, it stops.
Or so I think...
The leather strap cuts the air and wraps around my sit spots
I shriek in pain
Squirming I nearly fall off his lap and as Chris adjusts me, he notices how wet I am.

"Oh you think this punishment is sexual do you?" he asks.

No time to ponder, how do I answer that correctly? How do I answer that correctly? I really don't want to be spanked any more. SHIT

"I'll show you sexual." Chris launches me onto the bed holding my arms above my head with his right hand he lowers his jeans with his left. He comes on top of me and penetrates me pounding harder and faster. "This is fucking sexual."

With each rise and fall I can feel my heart race. Each moment he's pounding I'm running out of breath gasping for air, and gasping for this moment... He just knows, how to make me go crazy, you know?

Moaning and squealing we collapse in each others sweaty arms giggling.


River said...

Sounds like the perfect evening to me!

Pest said...

Nice story, Michelle. At first i didn't like the face slapping but then I do have issues with that so I overlooked my opinions on that and read the story unbiased. It is really good and a good ending. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Michelle said...

Hee Hee Hee glad you enjoyed it