Tuesday, May 6, 2008

What do you think of this article

This article on ABC news says that spanking kids causes sexual problems such as an affinity to BDSM practices.

Personally I do not advocate spanking children, but I was never spanked and I love BDSM, and the real question is-- Why is enjoying spanking in one's adult sexual life called "a problem"?


Pest said...

Because the vanilla world doesn't understand the spanko world and they think they have all the answers. I do believe in spanking children if they deserve it but only AFTER everything else has been done to deter the problem. I don't agree with spanking children will cause them problems in adult life. Our society doesn't tolerate anything that isn't "normal" for them. I dislike articles like that and avoid them at all costs.

River said...

For me, spanking has had sexual connotations as far back as I can remember. This is one reason I could never spank my kids. Not that I think I would enjoy it, but it wuld just be wrong to me. Also, I find that spanking is for lazy parents who don't feel like laying their frustration aside and explaining things to their kids. Have you ever seen a mother smack her child for hitting? I have and it is really useless. The difference between an adult and a child in this is that as adults, we choose this lifestyle. I have never seen a child ask to be spanked! :) I don't think being a spanko is a problem at all. That's like saying an appreciation for anal sex is an issue(which I guess some people might think is problematic?). I could go on about our silly societal expectations of normalcy, but it would bore you. So I will leave it at this: Many children associate spanking and warm fuzzy feelings, like we did. I think that stimulating a child sexually in any way is wrong, and since there is no way to really separate spanko kids from non-spanko kids I would err on the side of caution and use my skills to teach my babies. Sorry for the long winded comment.


Michelle said...

River- I agree thats why I wouldn't/couldn't spank my kids-- when I have them
I asked to be spanked as a child-- so many times-- I even prayed for it