Thursday, May 1, 2008


I had hinted that I enjoyed spanking, well actually I had flat out told my boyfriend the first time we were together that I liked spanking.
He was my first, and after our first time, I was excited to get to the good stuff-- The spanking I'd been waiting 20 years for.
Two days ago I told him what I want: I want rules, I want disobedience of these rules to be punished severely but oh so lovingly, to be preceded with anticipation and dread, I want to experience my bottom ache and sting so much I shake all over. I want to experience the amazing sex after and a sting that lasts for days. He gave me all that and more.

He had just driven me back to my dorm, I stared at him longingly. (I should not have read Bonnie's blogs knowing we couldn't be together that night) it was 11pm and we both had to get up early the next morning. I turned to Drew and told him my fantasy. He was intrigued. Being dominant played into his machismo.
"So, I could spank you for the comments you made to me earlier tonight?"
He said playfully referring to some digs I made earlier.
"You can spank me for whatever you want." I replied laughing coyly. I could feel the pace of my heart shift. HOLY SHIT! AM I ACTUALLY GOING TO DO THIS? I thought as a mingling of joy and fear surged to my most sensitive spots.
He turned his car on and drove away from my dorm and back to his place, we ransacked his place for implements, and decided that the hand might be enough for a first timer, but kept a belt and slippers nearby in case.
He went to the bathroom and told me to lay down naked from the waist down over a stack of pillows. I took off my pants and underwear, my heart was racing faster-- It's actually happening, the event I have been waiting for my whole life, the event I masturbated to, before I knew what masturbation was. I laid down on the pillows like he said and realized I left my socks on (does that count as bare from the waist down? I don't know) So I ripped them off as he came through the door.

He brought in a candle and turned off the light.

My heart was pulsating, my body shook, I could feel my pussy begging for him in me. And then THWAP it happened I began leaking so fast, I tingled all over, it was the sting I was looking for. He continued to hit me, hard and fast, then slow and methodical, I couldn't really guess what to expect next, SLAP, SMACK, THWAP... He kept on hitting me until I could hardly take it, I almost wanted to employ my safety word, but I didn't dare-- THIS is what I wanted, this is what I yearned for and my whole body felt at home. Faster and harder, each smack was sharper than the last, I moaned and yelped, and if he noticed, he didn't pay it any mind.
When he was done he slid his finger through my lips, I was more wet then I knew I could be. We played for a bit, giving my newly broken in bottom a rest. As we played, limbs entangled, he grabbed and massaged my sore bottom. It stung and tingled, exciting me more than anything we did, and priming me for my second spanking of the night.

My second spanking was a little less scary than the first, but more painful. I should let you know Drew is a body builder, his smack is not something to play around with (or maybe it is). He spanked me at least another 50 times, I involuntary screamed out with the THWACKS that came sharper than I ever imagined possible, I tried to shift my sore spots, but to no avail. When the spanking finally came to an end, I was so excited I longed for his member to find its place within me, but with a glance at the clock he decided drove me back to my dorm craving him, there would be more time the next visit over his lap. I smiled and I walked into my dorm room pleased as could be

It is two days later and the memory of the spanking appears in wooden chairs, but after that night all I can say is I look forward to the many play dates to come, and the day my bottom will warm up to implements.


Bonnie said...

Hi Michelle,

Your story certainly is amazing. Thank you for sharing it with us. I wish you lots of fun with this new aspect of your relationship and with your new blog.

Thank you for your generous words. You make my top side blush!


Finding Sara said...

Michelle, welcome to blogging! You have made a really nice start here! Sara

Pest said...

MIchelle, very good story and thanks for sharing it. It sounds like you and Drew will have a new aspect of your relationship and I wish you well on that! Good luck with your blog as well! Again congratulations on the wonderful world of spanking!

MRBILL said...

Wow, what a great start to your real life spanking career and maybe a start as a successful writer too, that was very well done!
Reminds me of my first spanking experience when I was in college. I wonder if she wanted it as badly as you did.

Michelle said...

Ha ha Thanks so much for your comments, more stories soon-- Maybe a fictional one to hold you over-- I'm doing these real time, and unfortunately I get lap time only once a week (that's how often we see each other with our busy schedules)

I would imagine she wanted it as much as I did-- especially if her first time was in college and she had been craving it her whole life lol :-D