Monday, May 19, 2008


What's your experience?
I'd like to go to one me thinks-- lemme know how you all feel 'bout 'em!


Pest said...

Personally, I have never been to a spanking party either but I also would like to go to one. I have heard they are really good as long as you know what is expected. I have always thought that spanking parties are that anyone can spank you and you will see all these spankings going on in public. I have several friends who go and they say they are NOT like that. I think if you would like to go then you should go. Have fun and if you would like to play then go play but make sure you have a safeword and words like "Ouch, Stop, or No" are NOT safewords. Hope this has helped.

Fireman Chris said...

Just found your blog, and rather like it.

The only party I've been to is the Shadow Lane one over Labor Day weekend in Vegas. My wife and I went the last two years and are going again this year and every year from now on if we can. It's an absolute blast.

We'd like to go to one of the Florida Moonshine ones sometime...we have friends who go. Sadly, it's usually at a bad time of the year for us.

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