Thursday, June 26, 2008

My first spanking with SG

In just a word.

Let's start off a little earlier, when my phone died.
My phone lasts about 2 hours on its old battery.

I was panicking because I knew SG would be trying to call me, and there was nothing I could do.
I got home at 4:30 pm and he was scheduled to pick me up at 5:30. I ran plugged in my phone and turned on my Yahoo! Instant Messenger.

Luckily someone else who knew SG was on and called him and let him know what happened (I learned later that this saved my butt)

So SG picks me up and I am wearing a dress with jeans. This dress was too short to wear with nothing underneath. And the dress I was supposed to wear got stained.

Anyways, as we are driving he says we are making a stop at Target

Shit! I think We are going to buy implements

I couldn't have been more right.
We go in and he gets a cart, in which he puts some wooden spoons and spatulas, a hairbrush, and tells me to pick some panties.

At this point my mind is racing. It seems too sexual for me, not at all what I was looking for, but I don't know what else to do so I just pick out some random ones. He said to pick out ones that made me feel young. I try to explain that all my underwear are already cutsie. I tried so hard to get into it. I forgot that you could use a safeword in any situation you were uncomfortable with, or I would have used one right then.

As we are walking up to the register, cart filled with panties, spatulas, wooden spoons, and hairbrushes, I am about to cry of embarrassment. He laughs at me squirming and tells me to go wait by the elevator.

I take this opportunity to call my spanko family, let them know I'm alright and uncomfortable, but I only manage to say I'm alright.

We get to his place and I am squriming, he brings me to his bedroom where there are tons of implements in a pile on the bed. He grabs them and says "We are not going to be using any of these today.

He sits in his chair very solemnly and pats his lap.
"Over my knee"

I come to him, nervously, I've never been over someones knee.
I lean over awkwardly,
"I've never been over someone's knee"
"Now you have" He replies.

He starts spanking me over my jeans THWACK THWACK THWACK
Each swat hurt but it's what I was looking for. He spanked me on the jeans for what seemed like an eternity, maybe actually 3+ minutes

"It hurts more than you thought?" He said through smacks
"Yeah!" I manage to yelp out. I barely make a noise as he spanks me
"It's yes" THWAP "sir" THWAP
"Yes sir"

"Why didn't you wear your dress?" He asks me spanking me harder and more rapidly
My words and thoughts are flustered.
"There was a stain thing" I whisper
"What?!" He says
I try to muster up some voice
"There was a stain on it."
"Do you think maybe you could have told me that before?" He asks
"Yes, Sorry"
"Yes, what?"
"Yes Sir." I reply cursing myself out in my head "Sorry Sir"
He continued to spank extremely hard and rapid spanks.

He hugged me and put me in the corner. I stood there quietly with my jeans down. He left the room for two minutes or so...

To be continued

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Second Meet Up with SG

I had my Second Meeting with SG yesterday...eep Next meeting is the big one.
This one was much more AWK because it wasn't just a "getting to know you" meeting, it was more of a "here's what you are in for" meeting.

SO he told me it would be a progression spanking:
Corner time
Hand spanking over dress
Corner time
Hand spanking over panties
Corner time
Hand spanking bare bottom
Corner time
After care

I believe that's the order he said, in all honesty I was in and out of the conversation. It is very hard to keep focused when talking about something so nerve wracking, also I'm out of my ADHD meds, which never helps... I'm rambling... because I'm nervous.... Anyway...

He suggested we do it last night "rip off the band-aid" but my mind was panicking WAY too much for that. I said I needed to take a day to process. He kept saying that it would be easier to do it sooner, but I know that mentally it would not have worked last night. I was not in the right mental state.

So we parted and I called the safety net, let them know I was okay.
I had a long chat with Wendy about all of it she calmed me down, and told me funny stories about Pete and his wife Rose (ha ha ha Pete Rose that was unintentional, sorry for the inconvenient re naming) About how she went from Pete's sub to his Domme. It was a very good chat, and I am grateful we had it.

Today I am still nervous. But not scared. In fact, right now I think I'm numb to nervousness...
so that's, good? IDK...

He is picking me up at 5:30pm and the safety net is getting installed :-)
Wendy is so amazing, always making sure I'm safe!

This is my first time meeting with a top!
I'll let you know how it goes!


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My first Meet with SG

I told you all I was meeting him today! But alas, as a last minute venture we met last night!

I told the family and they all had me on the phone. Wendy ordered me to call her when the night ended. I called Ally and texted Samantha because Wendy had already sent her to bed.

When I talked to Wendy once I met SG she asked me how long it would be. I said probably 20 minutes (my first mistake...eep)

SG and I met at a Starbucks and walked around. Samantha sent me panicked texts, every three seconds! I told her thanks for being so cool, calm, and collected.

As we walked we discussed every aspect of spanking and even went into philosophy and life.
We share very similar views of DD spanking and he would like to take me on as his "mentee"
But everything he said made him seem like a perfect fit for me.

He believes in me making up the rules and him enforcing them.
He is very open to hearing my side and then deciding to spank me anyway, and Spanking is not the only punishment. It's all about discipline, and what is effective.

So I will meet him again today in about 50 minutes!
Wish me luck!

My Spanko Family

Hi all
I have a new spanko Family-- for this post I will rename them all!

1- Wendy: Mother hen, technically a switch, but I've only seen her as a domme/top. She is Amazing at what she does. She's got the look down pat. She lives in Washington, and is in her mid fifties. She is Samantha and Pete's Domme.

2-Pete: Sub to Wendy and Top to Ally. He is a switch. He is kind of like the protective older brother of the crew. He is Irish, and has the temper to match. Him and his "sis" Samantha go at it sometimes because of their stubborn natures. He is in his mid 40s and lives in CT with his Spanko Wife Rose, who sometimes tops Wendy

3-Alyson: She is a Brat through and through, and I love her! We are sisters in spanking! She likes to make trouble for other people and watch 'em get spanked I coin her THE INSTIGATOR! She has a lot of experience in the spanking world, is in her late 20s and lives in CA

4-Samantha: AKA my TWIN okay not really but basically. We share a brain! We laugh at the same things, finish each others sentences and call each other to kick the other one out of bed. She is Wendy's sub and lives in MD... WE also plan bratting pranks together. She like me is 20!

5-Michelle: ME. I'm the baby. The newest to the Scene and the literal youngest. I am 20, but I just turned 20. I'm the most likely to back out of a bratting prank, as I am a wimp! Milli is taking me in hand for our big trip to Oregon!

Monday, June 23, 2008

WOW I've come a long way

Hello ALL
I have come a long way from the timid lurker I started here as, and it's only been a month and a half!

The Spankee Devil's been unleashed!

I say this because on Bottom Lines, I have made a tight knight group of friends. There are 5 of us. And we are all meeting in July, for as my friend calls it "a spanking orgy of sorts."
There are Two tops and Three bottoms on this trip. (Though technically the tops are switches, not for this trip)

And I will get some real spankings with two other girls, one is 20 like me the other is 26.
I am so STOKED. We've become like a little family, chatting everyday, sometimes with video chat.

Bratting and spankings and all....
The girls and I are going to be in for it!

I will keep you posted on that after it happens in mid July

Also I am meeting a spanker (SG) this week. We will discuss him being my consistant DD partner. SG and I will meet tomorrow and we will do an actual spanking in the near future.
The first thing he had me do is write an essay on WHY I NEED A DISCIPLINARIAN this morning he had me do corner time on web cam.

I don't think I like web cam play, real pain no real after care :-(

Moreover when I go to New York I will be meeting with my friend BV. So I have a lot of imminent spankings to tell you about!!

More in the near future!

Thanks and Spanks

Monday, June 16, 2008

IOU(Edgy) by Rue Girl

This is a great story, very intense; I enjoyed it a lot. Its by Ruegirl, she is awesome!

IOU (Edgy) By Ruegirl

Kyra glared at the empty dirt road ahead of her, frowning when she saw the gateway. Carefully she braked and pulled off into the dust at the side of the road, then sat for a moment, her fingers curled tightly around the steering wheel.

The early morning sunlight streamed down, already promising the heat that would come as the sun rose higher. She couldn’t sit here all day. She had a debt to pay, and the sooner she got out of this car, the sooner it would all be over.

She forced her hands from the wheel and got out of the car, walking with leaden feet towards the gate.

Dammit, why didn’t she know when to stop? Why couldn’t she ever pull back, let things go, play safe? But everyone was cheering her on, and the cards were running her way, and the bets kept building… Until suddenly the luck deserted her and her bets became wilder and more desperate, and then she’d lost everything.

She closed the gate behind her – always leave a gate the way you find it, even now that was automatic – and started along the almost-overgrown old road, now not much more than a track through the bush.

She’d lost to the one person in the world she couldn’t afford to lose to.

Jarvis Casteel.

She pushed past clutching branches, grimly following the track. She didn’t care how long it took to get to the end, but the faster she got there, the sooner it would be over.

The Baughmans and the Casteels had been neighbours for generations. They were still arguing over which family had started the first farm in the district. In fact, they were arguing about almost everything, and always had.

She almost tripped over a rock hidden in the low grass. Great, break an ankle, then he wouldn’t….

Yes he would, he’d just wait till the ankle was healed. He was good at waiting. And he always got what he wanted.

Almost always. Up to now.

Kyra grimaced again, how could she be so stupid! Like most families on the land, the Baughmans had formed a company. Her parents owned a 50% share in the property, her brother had 25%, and she owned the other 25%. Or she had, till last night. When she’d been drinking at the pub with friends, and been caught up in a fun game of poker, and then suddenly other people joined the game and it wasn’t fun any more, it was serious. And then there were just the two of them, Kyra Baughman and Jarvis Casteel, and her luck was gone and she bet wildly, stupidly, desperately…she bet more than she had.

She stopped for a moment to untangle a grasping branch from her hair, impatiently twisting the long blonde locks into a knot at the back of her head, reaching into her pocket for the combs she always carried there to hold her hair out of the way when she was busy. Then she marched on.

She was so sure her luck would come back. She bet too foolishly, and too high.

And he knew it, and he took the bet. And after the game, while she was pale with shock at what she’d done, he smiled his shark-smile and whispered so that only she could hear, “You have a choice. I get your share of the property, or I get you for one day. How far will you go to keep your share?”

She kicked at a stick, wishing it was a snake.

It wasn’t just losing her share of the property, it was the knowledge that a Casteel owning part of Garrawalt would kill her father.

So now she was following his instructions – his orders – and walking down this track towards the original Casteel homestead, long abandoned for bigger and better things.

And he’d just be loving this, she knew. Over the years there’d been all the usual teasing and rivalry between Baughmans and Casteels, Kyra’s brother and Jarvis Casteel were the same age and were rivals all through school, although after a few years they went from enemies to grudging respect to friendship. But Kyra kept the feud going, never missing a chance for a snide remark or a sneaky trick. Uneasily she remembered years of mean comments and dirty tricks, and knew that this was his chance for revenge.

One whole day, with a man she hated. But she could take it, she was strong, she wouldn’t let it get to her. One day and it’ll all be over and forgotten.

And suddenly she was there.

The track ran into an open clearing. To her right was the old homestead, once the heart of Loganholme. To her left was a pool fed by one of the few springs in the district, the water always clear and deep and cool. She hesitated, her instructions hadn’t gone past this point.

“So you’ve decided to earn your share back?” His voice was cold, calm, almost disinterested.

She turned slowly to face him, her chin high, “You’re not getting my land.”

“Then I’m getting you.”

She sneered at him, “And this is the only way you can get a girl? Forcing her? That’s pathetic.”

He stood up and walked slowly towards her, “I won’t take you by force. I won’t take you till you beg me. But I will teach you some lessons you won’t forget.”

“There’s nothing you can teach me. Just get your jollies then let me get out of here.”

In another place and time his smile would have seemed pleasant. But his eyes were grey steel. “You have so much to learn. About humility, and obedience. By the time I’m done with you, you’ll know a lot more about yourself.”

“That’s a lot for just one day.” She tried to sound confident, but her throat was dry, her voice harsh.

“I’m a good teacher.” He stepped back, “Strip.”

She was half-expecting something like that, but the single word sent chills down her spine. Angry words rushed through her mind, but pride kept her silent. Grimly she started to unbutton her shirt.

“Slowly.” He leant back against a convenient rock, perfectly at ease, “I want to savour your first lesson.”

Unbutton the shirt. Shoes, take the shoes off. Then socks. Drop the shirt. Undo the jeans, hating the way you have to wriggle to get out of them. Bra and panties. Don’t look at him, don’t bother asking him if you can keep them on, he’ll just enjoy saying no. Unclip the bra. Impossible not to hesitate before dropping it on the pile of clothes. Panties. Left till last. Take hold of them –


Impossible not to give a tiny sigh of relief. She folded her arms over her breasts, hoping he’d come to his senses, that he’d finished this cruel game.

He strolled forward, “I think I’ll unwrap this gift myself.”

She shuddered as his fingers slid down her skin, rough against the soft flesh. He slipped his fingertips inside the elastic. She could feel his breath warm on her stomach as he knelt in front of her. “Pink lace. Who’d have guessed it?” And then, slowly savouring the moment, he started peeling her last protection away. She closed her eyes as she felt the fabric sliding past her hips… then tried not to gasp in dismay as he took the panties lower, exposing her to him.

“Legs apart.”

Trying to blank her mind, she shuffled her feet apart a little, freeing the fabric to travel down her thighs, down past her knees, till they pooled at her ankles.

“So, you really are a natural blonde. Very nice.” His hands slid up her thighs… and then he stood up and moved away. “Fold your clothes neatly, and put them on that rock. You won’t be needing them today.”

She shivered, despite the warm sun on her skin, and scrabbled to pick up the discarded clothes, fumbling as she folded them and left them in a sad pile.

“Hands at your sides. I want to see my new toy properly.” She stood like a soldier at attention as he walked around her. “Hmmm... nice breasts – just big enough to jiggle a bit. Lovely nipples – just the right size to play with. Golden skin…so smooth.” He kept circling her, “And this bottom – all those years of horseriding have certainly shaped a lovely full arse, my dear. Firm and rounded, a man could spend all day just playing with those cheeks.” He moved on, “Those thighs – I could stroke those thighs for a long time, lovely and long, just right to spread wide and… ohhh yes, and here we are again,” he was in front of her, “Those lovely little golden curls. And I can just glimpse those little pink lips…” He stepped back, “But first things first. We have work to do, and it’s time for your next lesson.” He waved a lazy arm towards the waterhole, “There’s some old trees over there. With branches that are just perfect for our next activity. Go and pick six of them. As long as your arm, as thick as your little finger. And, for your own sake, I suggest you pick the smoothest ones.” He smiled the smile she already hated, “Off you go. You have five minutes. I promise you, you don’t want a time penalty.”

Trying not to think about what was happening, Kyra turned towards the old building and stepped carefully towards the pool, and the old willows that had been planted there generations before. She could feel his eyes on her, watching as she moved. It felt so wrong to be naked in the sunlight, naked in front of her enemy. Stop thinking about it, stop thinking about anything. Five minutes, how long was left? She tried to hurry, hissing as her bare feet found too many sticks and stones.

Six of them, as long as her arm, as thick as her little finger. Trying to work fast she clutched at the trailing branches, sorting through then until she had some that seemed close enough, then stumbling back to her tormentor.

“Here.” She held the branches out.


She gaped at him for a moment, then knelt down awkwardly. “Here’s the sticks you wanted.”

He took them from her hands, running his fingers down the slender sticks, “They seem well enough. And you made it just in time.” He stood up and swung the handful of sticks back and forth – they cut through the air with the sound like tearing silk. “Now, my sweet little viper, let’s see if we can work on that pride of yours. Time for a lesson in humility, and endurance. Follow me.”

Kyra scrambled to her feet and hurried after him. He stopped at a fallen tree, carefully surveying it and choosing a smooth branch that curved up into the air.


Kyra’s mind froze for a moment, then… “No…”

He took hold of her arm and swung her roughly to face him, “I will not hear that word again today. You will say ‘Yes sir’ or you will be silent, do you understand?” His voice, his eyes, were chilling.

And for the first time she felt real fear. Up to now she’d been grimly determined, but now she realised she was alone with this cold man. And he owned her for the day.



He nodded in satisfaction, “You might be a fast learner after all. For your sake I hope so, although I’ll have more fun if you’re not.” He pointed at the branch, “Over. And I won’t repeat an order again.”

Struggling to believe this was happening, Kyra faced the branch and leaned forward. It was just at hip-height for her, the curve of the branch hard against the top of her thighs.

“Further. Hands on the ground.”

Gritting her teeth she leaned forward and down, reaching for the ground. Finally she had to push herself up onto her toes, wriggling further over the branch until her hands were on the ground, her bottom high and exposed. She tried not to think about the view he had now.

“Ohhh that’s just right. Perfect. Now all you have to do is stay in that position. You have my permission to make as much noise as you want, in fact I’ll enjoy it.” He leaned forward, “And I must say, you’ve never looked lovelier than you do right now. Those lovely cheeks parting just enough to show me…”

Kyra desperately clamped her thighs together.

“No no, move those sweet thighs apart.” Miserably Kyra moved her legs a little, the curve of the branch making it difficult to keep them close together. “Wider. Keep going… that’s better. That’s a perfect view.”

She knew she was spread wide now, she could see that he was standing right behind her, making the most of her humiliating position.

“Yes, now you’re displayed the way a woman should be. I love the way those cheeks spread wide, and that sweet little asshole just waiting for some attention… and then those lovely pink lips, glistening at me – full and soft, just waiting for my touch… you’ll soon beg me to explore those delights. But now we have work to do.”

She saw his feet step back, and five of the sticks she’d collected were dropped onto the ground. Then there was that cutting-silk sound again.

And a line of fire cut across her bottom.

Kyra gasped in shock, but before she could make a sound the switch cut across her skin again, branding her a second time.

She wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction of crying, of making a sound. She’d hold out against him.

The switch bit again. She could feel each welt rising, stretching her tender skin.

The fourth one was lower, the fifth across the top of her thighs. It was pure hell.

How many? Five? Ten? A dozen? He couldn’t go past ten, surely?

Again, and again, the fire was joining up now, into a sullen blaze that kept growing hotter. She jiggled on her toes, unable to stop wriggling as the switch fell.

Another low cut, and she couldn’t stop the yelp as it fell. And again at the next one.

He had to stop soon, she was burning, her bottom must be covered in welts now.

He moved lower, marking her thighs, and now she was wailing at each stroke. She kicked out, trying to evade the wicked switch, but he just kept on with the same cruel pace, slow and deliberate.

“Please… please…” She hated herself for the words, but she couldn’t help it. “Please – OH PLEASE STOP!” The switch kept falling, she was frantic now, “NO!”

Silence. Blessedly, it stopped.

“What did you say?”

Kyra sobbed, not caring.

“I forbade you to use that word. Now you need to learn the penalty for disobedience. This time, it’ll be three.”

Still uncaring, she watched through tears as his feet moved around, until she lost sight of them when he stood at her back.

“I will not hear that word again. Three for disobedience.”

The switch fell again, this time straight down, biting right between her spread thighs.

Kyra screamed. She convulsed as she tried to escape, but her position made it impossible.

The switch fell again, again she wailed.

And once more, even harder, biting down cruelly on her softest flesh. This time her wails continued as he walked back around her.

“Now we can continue.”

She sobbed through the rest of her switching, no longer trying to kick or wriggle.

And then it was over. She heard a snap as he broke the switch and tossed it away. “One down. You can stay in position for a few moments to catch your breath.”

Kyra sobbed miserably as her bottom throbbed and burned.

“Yes, a nice pattern there. It was only a light session, but I don’t want to wear you out too early. And that special three certainly made an impression. Nice bit of colour there. Stand up.”

For a moment the order didn’t penetrate, then she tried to push herself upright. She had to wriggle backwards on the branch, hissing at the pangs from her punished cheeks. When she was back on her feet she kept her legs apart a little, still throbbing from those extra strokes. Her hands started to move behind her to try to soothe her sore cheeks.

“No touching.” She froze. “Now we can’t really have you do corner time, but I want you to stand there,” he pointed to a spot in the centre of the clearing, “And keep your hands on your head. To avoid temptation.”

Kyra took up the position, just grateful that the switching was over.

“Stay there.”

He disappeared into the old homestead. Kyra waited, she hoped he’d stay away forever. But all too soon he was back, carrying a bowl of water and a bag slung over his arm. She wondered what misery was next.

“We need to work on that hair of yours. Go and sit on the rock over there.” He pointed towards the slab of rock he’d reclined on when she first arrived, a lifetime ago.

Kyra walked towards the rock, her tears drying on her face. Sit? How could she sit? But what choice did she have?


Gingerly she tried to ease herself onto the rock, but nothing could cushion the angry throbbing as she sat down.

“Slide back a bit.”

She couldn’t stop the groan as she pushed back.

He grinned smugly, “Feeling it all little, are we? Don’t worry, it’ll fade. In time for the next session. Now, it’s time to deal with this hair of yours. Just think of me as your barber.”

Kyra gaped in shock, he was going to cut her hair off? Her lovely long hair? She’d have to tell everyone she’d decided to cut it off, all the time wishing it was back, and every time she looked in the mirror she’d be reminded…

She squealed as something touched her thighs, “Legs apart.” He pretended to be surprised, “You don’t think I was going to cut that lovely long hair, do you? Oh no, it’s this sweet little pussy of yours that’s getting some attention. I want to see you bare. Properly bare. Legs wide. And I suggest you keep very still.”

Kyra gasped in horror as he ran his fingers through the soft triangle of curls, “Very sweet. But you’re not sweet are you. So you don’t get to keep these.”

He was busy for a few moments then he swirled a brush in the soapy water in the bowl. Kyra shivered as the brush spread the foam. “Lovely job, this. Now just relax and keep very still, I have to be extremely thorough.”

He shaved her.

His fingers invaded her secret places, moving and spreading, as he carefully removed every fine blonde hair. Kyra closed her eyes and forced herself to be still, and silent, as he hummed a happy tune. Finally he tipped the rest of the water over her, rinsing away all traces of suds and hair. “Ah, that’s what I like, a job well done.”

Kyra forced herself to look – she was totally bare, somehow she felt more naked than ever.

“Now it’s time we moved on to your next lesson. Stand up.”

She bit back a cry of distress – more? What more could there be?

Her tormentor found himself a dry, comfortable spot on the rock and relaxed, surveying the girl in front of him.

“I think it’s time you apologised.”

“I… what? Why?”

“I will remind you that the correct answer is ‘Yes sir.’ ”

She ground her teeth, “Yes…sir.”

“You’ve spent the last few years making every nasty comment you could whenever I was around. You’ve been snide and spiteful and downright rude. And now you owe me an apology.”

“I… I’m sorry.”

“Oh I think you can be a bit more sincere. You sounded far more convincing a while ago, when the switch was making you dance.”

She took a deep breath, “I’m very sorry for the way I’ve behaved in the past. I… I was rude and thoughtless. I apologise.”

“Hmmm… better. Now the rest.”

“The… rest…?”

“An apology is no good without some kind of restitution. An act of contrition. To show you really are truly sorry. Or, if necessary, to make you truly sorry.”

Kyra just waited. She knew there’d be more.

“Over by the old house. Some timber. Choose a piece and bring it to me.”

She had to do this. The property, her father… she had to do this. She’d come so far now, how much worse could it be? She turned and walked carefully towards the old homestead.

She found the small pile, a some lengths of timber, most of them about one inch by two, and about eighteen inches long. They’d had the sharp edges and roughness planed away. She picked up a few, some were heavier than others. With a horrible suspicion of their use she tried to find the lightest one, then carefully picked her way along the smoothest part of the path back to the rock. She stood in front of him, searching for the words. He waited.

“Uh… I’m very sorry for my … my bad behaviour.” She held out the timber, trying to seem calm, “Please… please use this to … to prove my contrition.”

“Not the best I’ve heard, but you’re learning. Come here.”

She’d rather walk up to a tiger snake. Slowly she shuffled forward and handed him the length of wood.

“Hmmmm went for the light stuff, huh? Well, less thud, more sting. Means it can last longer. Now, let’s do this one nice and traditional. Over my lap.”

She froze for a moment. This wasn’t real. She’d wake up in a moment, it wasn’t happening. A terrible nightmare.

She blinked a few times, trying to force herself to move.

“Disobedience is the same as saying ‘no’.” His voice was deceptively soft, “Do you want another penalty session?”

Finally she could move. She bent awkwardly over his lap, feeling his hands at her hips moving her into position. Then he scissored his legs, pushing her forward over his left thigh, trapping her legs with his right. He tapped her back, “Right hand.”

She reached back, to feel her wrist caught in a steel-strong grip.

Her feet touched the ground, her left hand waved uselessly in the air, but she was held almost totally immobile.

“Let’s see how sorry you can be.”

The first stroke exploded against her bottom with a crack that echoed around the clearning. Kyra’s head arched back, her hand flailed in the air, and then the next one fell.

This time the spanking was hard and fast, not the slow measured pace of the switching. The wood fell across the centre of her cheeks, laying down an angry pink band across the fine, fading network of tiny welts from the switch. He worked methodically, moving down her cheeks, each stroke overlapping the one before. As the strokes moved lower her cries became more shrill, more desperate. She squirmed as much as she was able, but couldn’t evade the fierce strokes. When he reached her thighs she became frantic, then the desperate pleas started.

There was a pause as he stopped to admire the glowing pink cheeks, then he raised his arm high and gave her half a dozen strokes, very fast, all across her sit spot. The darker pink pleased him so much he repeated the strokes, enjoying her shrieks, then he moved back to the centre of her cheeks and began to march the strokes down again. He knew the light timber was stinging fiercely, but it wouldn’t bruise – she’d have done better to pick a heavier one, it would have limited what he could do. A novice’s mistake. She’d learn.

Kyra was in a red-hot universe, all that mattered was the wildfire on her bottom. She couldn’t believe that one thin piece of wood could do this, she’d do anything right now to stop the fire.

“PLEASE! I’m sorry, sorrysorrysorry so sorry!!! SORRYYYYYYYY! I’ll never do it again!!! Please PLEASE it hurts it’s burning please stop please sorrysorry so sorry no more please stop please no! PLEASE I’M SORRYYYY!”

The spanking stopped, “What did I just hear?”

Kyra sagged over his knee, gasping, “I’m sorry, I’m truly sorry, so sorry. Please please I can’t take any more.”

“I heard the word no.”

“Wha… but... I didn’t mean…. I… I just… please, please Jarvis… sir… please I was just… I’m truly sorry….”

“We’ll deal with it after this.”

He raised his arm, “Another session on the sit spot, I think.”

“Wait! Please I - ”

Fortunately for Kyra she couldn’t speak at all for the rest of that spanking. He gave her a dozen across her sit spots, then a dozen more. She’d feel that for a while, there was a band of dark crimson branding her lower cheeks now. Then he spent some time on her thighs as she squealed and yelped. But he didn’t want to ignore her bottom, so he finished with a dozen smacks all over her cheeks, keeping that bright pink glowing nicely.

“Now up you get, hands on head. Stand with your back to me, I want to admire the view.”

Every movement made the throbbing worse. She moved slowly, still sobbing quietly, to take up the position.

“Lovely. I do like to see a rosy glow.”

She hated that voice. Hated this. She could walk away now. Just go.

But then she’d lose her share of the property. He held her IOU. And it would kill her father.

And it had to be over soon.

He was moving. Walking over to the switches she’d collected. Selecting one. Then she remembered – and moaned in dismay.

He turned back to her and smiled sweetly, “On your knees.”

Run. Go. Leave.

But somehow that voice hypnotised her. Slowly, gasping at the renewed burning, she knelt down.

“Knees wide. Shoulders to the ground.”

He walked around her, adjusting her position until he was satisfied. Her face rested on her folded arms on the ground, her breasts pressed against the dirt. Her knees were stretched wide apart, making a tripod. Making her totally exposed. Waiting for punishment. Three more of those fearsome strokes? She pressed her face into her arms, she’d just have to take it.

“Let’s make this easier for you.” She felt something touching her, he was placing a stone between her knees. So she wouldn’t be able to move them together, no matter what. In a way it was a kind gesture, she couldn’t get in more trouble by moving.

He placed one foot each side of her shoulders, then raised the switch high, “Five this time.”


And then the first one fell. And she shrieked – it was worse than she remembered.

He waited for the last pang to fade before the next stroke. Then the next. He could see her lips swelling as the strokes bit the tender flesh.

Again. She was wailing, sobbing, babbling wordless apologies.

He paused, “Seems a little sore there. Let’s make the last one easier for you – find some new territory. How about that cute little pucker there?”

And the next stroke fell, as she squealed in shock.

Satisfied, he moved away, “Stay where you are. I think you need another lesson in humility.”

He took something more from the bag, then knelt beside her, “It’ll be easier for you if you relax for this. Not that it matters if it’s easy or not.”

She felt something blessedly cold touching her burning asshole, taking away the sting of that last stroke. And then – she went cold in horror as something touched there, touched and started to push. Moving inside.

“N… Please…don’t….”

“What did you say? What am I supposed to hear?”

She gulped, “…yes sir…”

“Shall I put this plug inside your sweet little hole?”

She was almost whispering now, “…yes… sir…”

“Do you deserve this?”


“Then ask me nicely.”

She was almost beyond misery now. What happened would happen. “Please… sir… please put… put that plug into…into me. In… into my… my …”

“Your sweet little hole?”

“Yes sir. Please put it into my sweet little hole.” She sobbed silently.

He pressed it further, moving it slowly into her. She felt the stretching, tried to relax and not fight it. He moved the tip of the plug in and out, going a bit further each time.

Hot and cold shivers ran over her skin, it felt so strange, the stretching hurt so much but there was something else…

The plug moved in again, further this time, he watched as she was stretched wide by the end of the plug. Just when she was moaning, sure she couldn’t take any more, the widest part of the plug moved past her sphincter, then he watched as it closed down onto the narrower neck of the plug. It widened out again into a small handle that would fit snugly, if a little uncomfortably, between her cheeks. He pulled on the handle to check, but the plug was firmly seated. Perfect.

“Stand up now.”

Standing up was more difficult than ever, as every part of her punished flesh set up new throbbing pangs when she moved, and the plug was making her shiver with strange feelings.

Jarvis gestured towards the pool, “That water is lovely and cool. It would feel so good on your hot bottom, wouldn’t it.”

“Yes sir.” She gazed at it longingly. But it wasn’t going to be that easy, she knew.

“What will you do to earn time in that water?”

“I… earn? I don’t know sir.”

“Let’s see what I can suggest to help you.”

He circled her, enjoying the beautiful body, the rosy cheeks, the way she rocked from foot to foot trying to ease the sting of the spanking and the intrusion of the plug.

“For a swim in that pool… would you let me touch those lovely breasts of yours?”

“N….uh… I don’t….” She sighed, there was only one answer, and they both knew it, “Yes sir.”

“Then ask nicely.”

Her resistance was almost gone now. He smiled to himself; once he’d broken her down he’d build her up again, keeping the best qualities and retraining her to change the others.

“Please…sir… please I would really like to go into the pool. Please would you like to… to touch my breasts so that I can go into the pool.”

“Well… since you ask so nicely. Hands on your head.” She stood meekly, waiting. He reached out a fingertip and traced a gentle circle around her right breast, “Very nice. Firm and just the right size.” He cupped each breast, enjoying their fullness. Then his fingers circled each breast, spiralling down to the nipples. He tweaked each one, rolling them between his fingers, grinning when they hardened to his touch. “Raising a little interest here, I see.” Then he leaned down and sucked on each proud nipple in turn.

Kyra stood like stone as he sucked and nibbled at her breasts, then fondled them gently, holding them as if they were precious. She could feel tiny silver sparks running along each nerve, and somehow the plug seemed to make each sensation more intense. His fingers were weaving some kind of magic, tracing hypnotic circles on her skin, making her more aware of each breast than she’d ever been before, sending wild messages to other parts of her body… her breathing quickened as the feelings grew…

He stepped back, “Good girl. You’ve earned your swim.”

She swayed where she stood, wanting that touch to continue… then she collected her thoughts. “Thank you sir.”

The walk to the pond was difficult, but the cool water closed around her, soothing her poor punished bottom. She floated in the water, washing away dust and tears, and telling herself it was over.

But it wasn’t.

She turned to see him waiting.

Wearily she walked out of the water towards him.

“Turn around.” Obediently she turned, then jumped as she felt his hand stroking her bottom, “Bend forward.”

She felt the plug moving inside as she bent forward. His hands stroked across her cheeks and thighs, “Yes, starting to fade now. All ready for some more. Follow me.”

He led he back to the rock, then turned to face her, “Undo my belt.”

She didn’t want to touch him.

She had no choice.

She reached out reluctantly and fumbled at the buckle, listening to the metal jingle as she worked it free, then the low hiss of the leather as it slid free.

He took the belt from her, doubling it and tapping it against his palm. She watched, hypnotised by the movement.

“How old are you, Kyra?”

“Uh… twenty-three. Sir.”

“Then we’ll start there. Kneel on the rock. Shoulders down, knees apart, just like you did before.”

She sank into the position, trying to be as compliant as possible, trying to please him, trying to make it as least bad as possible. And knowing that none of it would help.

“Oh, and just a warning, if I hear the word ‘no’ again, it’ll be ten this time.”

She shuddered in horror, then the movement reminded her of something, “Uh, sir? The plug, sir?”

“What about it?”

“Uh, won’t you remove it before… before my next… session? Sir?”

“No need.” He reached out and twisted the plug a little, sending wild sensations along every nerve, “It’s nice and secure there.”

“Y…yes sir.”

Once again he started without warning, and without mercy. The belt slapped down hard on her cheeks, the leather slapping with a totally different bite to the wood or the switch. “Count.”

“Wha…? I don’t… Uh, One.”

The belt slapped again, in the same place, right across her full cheeks, “That would be one, sir,”


“Good. Now we’ll start again. This time count properly.”

The leather belt slapped down hard, and started a fire that kept building. The plug sent a message of its own at each stroke, nagging at her as she tried to concentrate.

She made it to six before she stumbled, that stroke feel right on her still-marked lower cheeks, the wood had done its work well and left a dull ache that woke to full life at the belt stroke. She wailed at the stroke, and didn’t do the count fast enough.

“We’ll do that one again, but first the penalty for missing it.”

The belt fell twice, fast, once on each thigh. Kyra shrieked, then cried out again as the next stroke fell exactly where the last one had marked her. She had to force the words out, “Sixxxx, sirrrr!” It was so hard to form the words, but she was desperate to avoid more stripes on her thighs.

Seven, eight… it seemed such a long way to twenty-three. And then at eleven she missed the count again. And wailed miserably as two more stripes marked her thighs. He let go of the end of the belt to strike her thighs, wrapping it right around each one and landing the tip on the soft skin at the back, an extra evil bite.

The teens came at last, she missed on sixteen, and again on nineteen, it was more difficult now. Her thighs were pure hell, and her bottom was even worse. She could feel the tightness of the welts, the cruel heat. She was choking on her sobs, forcing out the count, desperate not to miss again.

But she was too slow on twenty-one, a cruel stinger right at the top of her thighs. And again on twenty-two, on her lower cheeks. And twenty-three, even harder than the others, her wails echoing through the bush. It took two more before she could make the count.

“And one to grow on.”

He moved around a little, and undoubled the belt. Then he flicked the strap right up between her thighs. The tip bit right over her clit, she couldn’t make a sound.

“Stay there. I like the display.”

She couldn’t have moved anyway.

An eternity later, when her breathing was almost normal again, “Now, how are you going to thank me for my efforts so far?”

“Th… thank you?”

“I’m spending a whole day helping you improve your behaviour. Teaching you all kinds of valuable lessons. And giving up a share in Garrawalt – just think of the fun I could have if I kept it. So how are you going to thank me?”

She was blank, she had no idea what to say.

“I’ve played with those lovely breasts. And put a plug in that sweet little pucker. So… what’s left? What haven’t I had a chance to really explore properly?”

Now she knew what he wanted. And she had to say the words. She had to do whatever he wanted, he was totally in control, she was powerless.

“Please sir….”


“Please sir, I need to th-thank you for – for your work. Please sir, would you… would you like to… to play with my pussy?”

“Well, I’ve already shaved it, but I didn’t get to really explore it properly, did I. Perhaps I could spend some time doing a proper examination. Since you ask so nicely.”

Close your eyes. Float away. Think of something else.

He twisted the plug again, sending shudders through her, bringing her back to the present. And then his fingers were tracing up her thighs, tapping the welts as she whimpered, and moving up to her newly smooth pussy, stroking the bared skin, then lightly stroking the swollen lips, the most secret places. Nothing was secret now. He stroked, then tickled, then pulled the lips apart to reach further inside her. She felt his fingers invading her and moaned. She wriggled, she couldn’t help it, trying to escape the probing touch.

“Oh dear, are you uncomfortable? Is it the plug?”

“Y… yes sir.”

“The we need to do something about it. We can’t have you wriggling around while I’m examining you.”

He took hold of the handle and twisted, pulled, twisted, easing the plug out and in again, as she tried to keep silent. Slowly, teasingly, she felt the plug stretching her again as it was finally removed. She sagged, grateful to have that nagging presence gone.


She opened her eyes, and turned her head towards him. He held up the plug. It had felt so huge inside her, but in his hand it didn’t seem so large at all. Then he reached into the bag and took out something else. She groaned, “Please… sir n- please sir don’t…. please sir, I can’t…”

“Oh, but you can. You’ll surprise yourself.”

This one was twice as long as the first. It wasn’t much wider, but she knew that it was a world away from the first one.

“Could… could I have the first one back again? Please sir? PLEASE!”

His voice was mild, “When did you get the idea that you set the agenda? I see that you still need some lessons in obedience and humility. Especially humility. Now ask nicely.”

She hated having to say the words, but there was no choice, “Please sir… please … please put that… that …new plug… into my… my…. my hole. Please sir.” Please sir don’t. Please don’t. Don’t.

“I think we need something to help it in. A special lube. This will help with your humility lessons, too.” He took out a small tube and coated the new plug, then spread it around her aching asshole. This wasn’t cold like the other lube, it had a warm tingle to it.

She felt the pressure as he touched the plug to her sphincter, then started pushing, “You should be grateful for that last one, it was small but it stretched you a little and got you ready for this. Here we go.”

She groaned as the stretching began. He took it very slowly, enjoying the sight as it moved in and out, then he pulled it back, and inserted the whole thing in one swift thrust.

Kyra shrieked, her cries finally dying away to a miserable whimpering.

“Now you should be grateful, I did it nice and quick. Aren’t you grateful?”

“…th…thank you… s…sir…”


“…for putting th..the plug in so…so quickly.”

“I can take it out and put it in more slowly if you’d like.”


“Oh dear. That’s ten.”

“But… but you asked…. You… I was only answering…”

“And arguing too? Your poor little pussy is in for a whipping this time.” Kyra started sobbing, “But first I have some exploring to do. Turn over.”

She was slow to move, but she forced herself onto her back, crying more as her aching bottom was pressed against the hard stone, and the plug moved inside her as she rolled over. It was impossible to ignore it, not just the size of it inside her, but there was a stinging that was too insistent to ignore. She moved uncomfortably as the stinging became more intense. She looked up and met his eyes, “That lube…?”

“Just a little something extra. To help you remember the lesson.”

“It’s… it stings…”

“Oh that’ll go on for a while. Just let it build. Bad little girls get the treatment they deserve, which includes a very sore bottom.

“It’s… ohhh please… it stings…”

He waited, smiling a little, as she started to squirm. Soon she was writhing, ignoring the pain from her thighs and bottom, desperate to stop the fierce stabbing burn.

It was nearly half an hour before she quieted, still whimpering.

“Now, next time you try to complain, you know what you’ll get. If I choose to plug you, you’ll take whatever I choose to put in you without arguing. Do you understand?”

“Y...y…yes sir.”

“Good. Now let’s get back to this pussy. I have an examination to do. Legs wide, knees bent up and push them out.”

She felt like a frog splayed out on a dissecting tray. And she barely cared. The plug was still an insistent invader, the lube a warm glow just too strong to be comfortable.

He parted her, running his fingers into every space, then pausing to tease her clit. “Ah, let’s see what we can do here.” He tweaked and twisted, tickling and teasing, then leaned down to run his tongue around it. Kyra’s eyes were wide with shock, trying to ignore the sensations wracking her body. His fingers moved lower, parting her lips and slipping inside. “Do you like this?”

“Y… yes sir.”

“And this?” He bent down to suck her clit again.

“Y…oh! Yessss sir.” She was trembling now, wild sensations shivering through her.

He stood up, “Good. Now, what’s next? Oh yes, you have a pussy whipping coming, ten for ‘no’ and then a punishment for arguing. Let’s make sure you don’t argue again.”

He reached into the bag – she hated that bag with a passion now – and took out….

… she relaxed. It was just a plastic ruler, the cheap kind children use in school. Thank goodness, she was expecting something terrible.

“Now, lift your legs up. And back, take hold of your ankles… that’s right… and hold those legs wide. Good. Now let’s teach you about the dangers of arguing.”

The worst thing about this position, she realised, wasn’t the humiliation – she was past that now. It seemed to put more pressure on the damn plug, sending shockwaves through her body. But even worse, she could see what he was doing, see every stroke coming.

“Hold tight. You really don’t want to know what happens if you let go.”

He raised the ruler and then slapped it down onto her exposed pussy.

And the sting took her breath away.

By the third she was gasping. By the sixth she was crying out at each stroke. He stopped at ten, “And that was for saying no to me. I hope for your sake you’re learning that lesson. But I don’t mind how often I have to teach it. Now for arguing.”

He flicked the ruler down almost too fast to see, again and again, as she writhed and shrieked. The soft folds were swollen, bright angry red, her clit was ice-hot white fire.

Finally it stopped. He stepped back, admiring the view. She was certainly learning some intense lessons today.

“Get up.”

It was impossible. But it had to be done. Finally she stood in front of him, struggling to get control of herself.

“All this work is so tiring. And it’s nearly lunchtime. There’s food in the house, a picnic basket. Go and get it.”

“Y…yes sir.” She walked awkwardly, unable to get her legs together, and not even trying.

He relaxed on his rock and watched as she brought out the picnic basket.

“There’s a folding table and chairs too.”

It was a lovely sight, her welted bottom bobbing around as she set up table and chairs, spread the red-checked cloth, set out sandwiches, took drinks from the cooler. Finally it was all done.

“It’s… it’s ready sir.”

“Good, I’ve worked up quite an appetite.” He stood up lazily and strolled over. “Sit down.”

She looked at the hard metal chairs. “Uh…yes sir.”

The plug handle made sitting difficult, her punished bottom made it almost impossible. But she had to do it.

“Now, let’s eat. We’ll need our strength.”

She tried to choke down part of a sandwich. The cool drinks were a blessing. He’d only brought fruit juice – he wanted to stay totally sober for this, and didn’t want to blunt her senses either. So no beer or wine on this picnic.

And he chatted. About friends, and the price of stock at the last sales, and the weather… as if they were friends, out on a normal date, or at a friendly lunch. It was surreal, she was sitting naked, on a horribly sore bottom, terrified of what was to come. Chatting about the weather.

“Ah, that hit the spot. And speaking of hitting the spot, it’s time for some more lessons. Come here.”

She didn’t hesitate, there was no point. She stood in front of him.

He reached out and flicked between her parted legs, watching as she jumped a little. “Still tender? Good the lesson will sink in well. Now, I have a little errand for you. Sometimes, even now, there are a few letters delivered to the old letterbox out by the gate. Go and check it for me.”

She gaped in horror – she’d have to walk back to the road… .she was naked… she might be seen…

Don’t argue. Her poor aching pussy reminded her, don’t argue.

“Yes sir.” She turned to go.

“Wait. You can’t go like that.” She sagged in relief. “Shoes and socks. Wouldn’t want your feet damaged.”

“Th… thank you sir.”

“And don’t take too long. You don’t want to be late back.”

It was even worse going along the path this time. Stray branches whipped at her bared skin as she tried to hurry. Her punished flesh ached with every step. The plug was almost driving her mad, setting up an insistent ache that she couldn’t ignore.

And the last part of the track was in full view of the road.

But nobody uses that road now. Well, almost nobody. She took a deep breath, and tried to run, but the plug made it almost impossible. But she had to be fast, had to get there and back before anyone saw her.

It didn’t even occur to her to lie, to say she’d checked and go back to him. Somehow he’d know.

And she was right, because there was a letter in the box. She grabbed it, looked longingly at her car – she could just…

No. She’d gone too far now. And he was waiting and… she had to obey.

She hurried back, groaning at the rising shivery sensations from the plug. By the time she reached the clearing she was shaking.

“I’m back, sir.”

“Nice and fast. Good girl.”

For a moment she smiled, basking in that moment of praise – she’d pleased him. Then she shivered and stopped smiling.

“Turn and bend, I want to examine your bottom.”

Without hesitation she turned, and displayed for him. Obedience was by far the better choice.

He twisted the plug, smiling at her shudders. Then ran his hands across her bottom and thighs, “Nice. The welts are fading well – you can certainly take plenty, it’s a useful quality. Now, you can tidy this picnic away before we go on. And get those shoes and socks off – I like you properly naked.”

Again he enjoyed watching her working, her breasts jiggling, her bottom still glowing. Perfect.

Kyra packed the rest of the food away, hardly aware any more that she was naked, it almost felt normal.

“It’s all done, sir.”

“Good, you were fairly fast. Now let’s get you nice and pink again. You’ve been such a good girl, we’ll have an easy session this time. Over my lap.

She prayed it wouldn’t be that piece of wood again.

Then his hand smacked down on her left cheek and she realised that it doesn’t matter what is used, a spanking always hurts.

Jarvis noticed that he could manipulate her responses – a smack on the left cheek had her rolling to that side, a smack to the right and she went the other way. For a while he enjoyed making her rock from side to side, a most pleasurable sensation for him. Slapping her lower cheeks had her scissoring her legs, giving him a very pleasant view. Slaps on the thighs and she was trying to swim off his lap. It was fun smacking high, low, side to side, and watching the frantic movements. Her feet were kicking wildly, arms flailing, her hair had lost its combs and flew around like a golden curtain.

And then it was over and she was standing in front of him again, hands on her head, watching in dread as he reached for something else from that horrible bag.

The sound of small, tinkling bells is such a cheerful noise.


Kyra stood with her hands on her head, her body glistening with a fine sheen of perspiration as she tried to stay perfectly still. A small tinkling told her that she’d failed again. She stiffened and tried to hold position.

And all the time the nipple clamps sent cruel shudders through her body, echoed by the one clasping her clit. And if she moved, even the tiniest shiver, the bells rang.

And he was counting.

“Five minutes…” he’d said, “…and every time I hear those bells means ten strokes later. This is a test of your obedience, and control.”

Another bell gave a sweet silver tinkle. How long could five minutes be?

Finally he was back at her side, “Well, you didn’t do too badly, for a first timer. You can pay for your score in a moment, but because I’m in a kind mood I’ll remove the clamps before your next punishment.” He turned away.

Kyra’s shoulders sagged as she relaxed in relief. The clamps were a dull red ache that just kept nagging until she didn’t think she could take it any more.

He was back at her side. And he held one of those evil switches. Kyra stepped back nervously.

“Don’t move away from me. Ever. Now stand up straight, and I advise you not to move – it’ll only make it worse.”

Make what…

And then the tip of the switch flicked her right breast. Kyra cried out in shock, it bit so fiercely into the soft flesh. Then again, and again….flicking at her breast, at the clamp…

It took over a dozen stinging bites of the switch before the clamp was flicked away. And then the pain rushed in, even worse than when he’d first put it on her.

He waited, letting the full rush of pain take her. Finally, as her breathing steadied, he started on her left breast.

“P…Please….” But it was no good asking, no good begging, she knew that already. It took fifteen for her left breast to be freed.

And then… she looked down, and whimpered.

“Third one’s the charm. Legs wide.”

It took him a long time to flick the last one free. He enjoyed watching her struggle to stay in position, to keep control. She was a world from that pride she’d had at the beginning. She’d learned a lot – humility, obedience, control. She had a long way to go, of course, but it was very satisfying to see how well he’d trained her already.

Kyra yelped at each flick of the switch, she didn’t think her poor pussy would ever recover from all the punishment it’d taken. Finally the last clip fell to the ground.

“Good girl. Now collect them. Crawl to the rock and place them in the bag.”

Crawling wasn’t any worse than walking, her punished bottom, thighs and pussy complained no matter how she moved. The plug was an insistent ache she was almost accustomed to by now. Her breasts were still stinging from their switching, and the clamp. But she’d pleased him. She was getting better…. he was pleased with her…..and that was what mattered.

“Now go over to the branch. I think that’s the best place for you while you pay for the bells. Crawl.”

Of course. She crawled to the branch where he’d switched her. Was he going to switch her again? How many times had the bells rung? Five? Six? She hadn’t counted. Ten for each one….


She groaned as she wriggled into position – just moving was a challenge now, but she automatically took up the position she knew he wanted – legs wide, bottom high and exposed. It almost felt natural now.

“Ten for every ring of the bells – it’s such a happy sound, isn’t it. And those bells rang nine times. You’re in for a good blistering, I’m afraid.” He swung something low enough for her to see it – some kind of small wooden bat, planed smooth, with holes.

It wasn’t that large – about the size of a table tennis bat. It didn’t look very heavy. And holes – why? Wouldn’t that make it weaker?

Jarvis swung the paddle. The holes let it move even faster, delivering more heat and sting. The light wood meant sting rather than bruising – he didn’t want to do permanent damage. Temporary damage would be more than enough. And the extra heat, and those holes….yes, this would be a good blistering. A nice way to spend the afternoon.

“These will be nice and fast, so it’ll be over quickly. You’re allowed to make as much noise as you want. Just choose your words carefully.”

She didn’t need the warning. She couldn’t frame a word as soon as the paddle fell.

She thought nothing could be worse than what she’d felt so far. This was a different world. The heat was beyond bearing – but she had no choice. She couldn’t feel the individual strokes, the paddle was falling too fast, it was like a red hot brand, like a blowtorch…

She wailed, a shrill, desperate keening.

And then he stopped. And waited. “Seventy. We’ll take a break before the last twenty.”

She couldn’t believe it – it wasn’t over?

Jarvis waited. And watched as the tiny, white blisters formed on her crimson bottom. Spanking blisters. In a few minutes the heat had brought a fine crop.

He raised the paddle and started the last twenty without warning. Kyra bucked and wriggled, but couldn’t escape. The only mercy was that it was so fast, the last twenty were soon delivered.

“A few minutes to let that settle, I think.” He stepped back and grinned. Most of the blisters had burst during the last spanking – she’d be driving home sitting on a red, raw bottom. Perfect.

On his next command she started to wriggle off the branch, then cried out in dismay as her raw bottom moved.

It took an eternity to get back to her position in the centre of the clearing.

He circled her again. What more could there be? She tried not to shiver.

“You’ve done very well.” His voice was almost a whisper now, “I’m pleased with you. So pleased I might want to show you off. I could call a few friends over – we still have a little time left in the day. Maybe I could share you around.”

She gaped at him.

“A final test of your obedience perhaps. I could watch you pleasing them – servicing them. Performing any acts I command. I might like that.”

Cold horror. “Sir… please… I…. not others, please sir… I can’t… I can’t … not others. Please, I beg you.”

“You beg? You don’t want to please other men? But how else will you show your obedience?”

“Please sir, I can’t… service other men. I beg you… not that. I’m obedient to you, but please…”

“So you want to please me?”

“Yes sir.”

“Obey me?”

“Yes sir.”

“Service me?”

“Yes sir.”

“You beg to service me?”

“Yes sir… I beg you…. only you, please, not others….”

She heard an echo from a lifetime ago….he said he wouldn’t take her until she begged for it…

But she didn’t care.

“Please sir… I beg…”

“Well, since you ask so nicely…follow me.” He moved over to the rock and sat comfortably. “Kneel.”

She was on her knees in front of him, she could see the erection straining against his jeans. Without waiting for orders she reached out, fumbling to set it free. As the zipper moved down, his cock sprang out, erect and full.

She didn’t have much experience, just some groping and grappling in the back of a car a few times, but…

He was…he was huge.

She reached up and touched the shaft, running her fingers softly up and down, then stroked the head.

“Hold my balls.”

They were warm in her hands, she stroked and squeezed gently, then moved forward a little and ran her tongue up the shaft, opening wide to take the head in her mouth. She circled the tip with her tongue as she worked his balls in her hands, gently massaging.

“Nice… but it’s time for more. On the rock. On your back.”

Raw flesh scraped across the rough sandstone as she moved into position. But all she cared about was pleasing him… she had to please him… so he wouldn’t call the others to come and take her too… just him…

“Knees up and wide, that’s good. Ohhh your poor swollen pussy. Well, let’s work it a bit more.” He took hold of her slick, bruised lips, running his thumb over her clit as he pulled the lips wide. Then he took hold of her hips, dragging her closer to him, the head of his cock starting to push into her. “Don’t worry. I can make this last a long time.”

He reached for her breasts, kneading her sore nipples as he thrust… stretching her….

Sensations. So many…pain…from so many places…but a new heat…rising…taking the pain into itself… He thrust deeper as she groaned, twisting her nipples cruelly but now she arched her back, urging him deeper… she wanted more…. The plug, her nipples, his cock thrusting into her….

The orgasm hit her like a hammer, pounding her senses; it wasn’t a sweet fall of fireworks, it blasted through her, blanking her mind, sending her into an intense world that was past pleasure, beyond pain.

It took a few short minutes, or eternity, before the world came back. He smiled as he slid from her, “A little reward for your efforts. But now you owe me some pleasure too. I like a special pleasure.”

He took hold of her hips and rolled her face down, pulling her back till her feet touched the ground. She was bent forward onto the rock, her breasts and nipples scraping on the rough stone.

“Time to say goodbye to an old friend.” He took hold of the plug, twisting and tugging, working it in and out until finally it was gone.

Pure relief, finally that ache was finished. And then she stiffened as she felt another touch…

“Sir…please…sir I can’t…you can’t…you’re too big…please sir please don’t!” She babbled desperately, knowing it was futile.

“Don’t worry, you’ve been nicely stretched. You can take it. You can take me, all the way….here we go.” And he thrust into her, forcing himself deep inside her in one endless thrust. “Lovely. Like velvet, and so tight….very sweet. Now it’s my turn for fun.”

He pulled back, then thrust again, and again, pounding against her raw cheeks. Kyra screamed, she shrieked at each invasion… and then…then a wildness came to her, her wails became growls deep in her throat, animal and primal. She pushed back against him, wanting more…harder…deeper…

She heard him grunting as he climaxed, and then it took her again, this time wilder, stronger. She was mindless, her punished body taking all the hurts and using them to power this blast of pleasure.

And then he was heavy on her back, breathing deep in the afterglow. For long moments she felt his weight, until he pushed himself away.

“Stand up.”

She didn’t think she could. Her legs wouldn’t take it… but of course they did. Automatically she went back into position, legs wide, hands on head.

He held out an envelope. “Open it.” It was the one she’d collected from the mailbox by the road, an eternity ago.

She tore it open – to see her IOU. The thing that put her in his power like this. That little piece of paper that had done all this to her…

“Eat it.”

“Yes sir.” She didn’t hesitate, she was long past that. She tore the paper into strips and chewed, and swallowed, until it was all gone.


She stared at the pile, a different girl had folded those clothes and left them there. She walked over and reached for the panties –

“Leave the bra and panties. I want something to remember this day by. Just the shirt and jeans, and shoes and socks of course.”

The shirt seemed so much rougher than she remembered, rubbing against nipples and breasts that had been scraped raw on the rock.

And then the jeans. She wished with all her heart that she had chosen a looser pair today. Wriggling into the jeans took a long time…many gasps and whimpers…as the tight fabric was pulled over welts, over raw flesh, over swollen, punished bottom, thighs and pussy. Finally she stood up, trying to keep her breathing steady. It was over, it was done, she’d survived…

He leaned closer to her, “I’ll see you tomorrow. At the gymkhana.”

“At…ohhh…I’d forgotten… but there’s… I can’t ride tomorrow… I wouldn’t be able to…”

“You’ll ride. You’re one of the best in the district, and tomorrow you’ll be at your best, as usual. I’ll be watching. And when it’s all over you’ll go to the back of the stable block, to the old tack room. I’ll be waiting. I’ll decide which strap you’ve earned, depending on your performance. I suggest you do very well in the competition. And you’ll learn your next lesson about humility, and obedience.”

“But… it’s over… you said one day…the IOU is gone…”

“Would you like to meet me in the tack room before the competition as well? Would you like to do all that riding with a plug inserted? And a good strapping right before you ride?”

“N- Sir, please…I….”

He was closer now, his breath soft on her face, “You have so many lessons to learn… and I’m going to teach them all. I own you now. I don’t need the IOU, I own you, body and soul. You are my creature, you are subject to my will, and you can never escape. And you don’t want to.”

She trembled, trying to comprehend this new future.

No. She couldn’t do it. Couldn’t take it.


….she wanted it.

She closed her eyes and nodded, “Yes sir.”

“Good girl. Now go home. And drive carefully, you’ll be a little uncomfortable – that car’s been in the hot sun all day.”

Slowly, trying to find a way to walk that didn’t waken a dozen different pangs from her punished body, the new Kyra walked down the track.

Jarvis watched her go, and smiled. There was so much more he was going to teach her – she had no idea what her life had become.

Random Hook up-- already

So not even 24 hours after I broke up with Drew I made out with a random guy, we'll call him Mike-- That's a bit bold for me... even though I'm a spanko with many kinks, the vanilla world perceives me as a straight edge prude. (If only they knew-- hah hah) Anyway, I was hanging out in an office building doing some assisting work when a guy there was complaining of back pains I gave him a bit of a massage-- I thought it was innocent, but then he decided to take me on a journey-- It was the roof of the building, on which there was a helipad and we started making out. Oddly enough he, like Drew is 31, I am 20. How is it that I continuously attract 31 year olds.

He sang Kermit the frog's Rainbow connection to me lol
It was rather humourous but I appreciated his expression of joy

He asked me why I broke up with Drew, I told him that the relationship fizzled and he was too vanilla for me. Mike looked at me and was like, "so you're into like being tied up and stuff?" Hmm, I 've met many vanillas who don't know the word vanilla, so does it mean something that he had some idea of the definition??

Anyway, this blog entry is semi lame. No spanking involved. boo.

I've been cheating on you!

...with OMG it is so effing awesome it is by membership only, but it is a free membership and there are chats and forums and games and a punishment book. Its hella fun!

While on the site I learned about Shadow Lane-- Any members out there? Recommend it? Are you going to Vegas for the big Shadow Lane convention ?

Moreover since I'm not with boy anymore I have been searching for spanko relationships-- problem being I meet everyone online and I don't exactly feel safe just going to some random person's place for a spanking-- I am totally turned on by the idea but I also have some sense-- any one done this before and have tips on how to do it safely?

Friday, June 13, 2008

Finals are over, relationship is over!

Wow this is my 20th post, and I have big news too
'kay guys I am back!
I decided that I better stay away during finals otherwise I'd fail all my tests
So now I'm back, and I'm better than ever!

I have had one spanking since the last time we talked, I have had 4 finals, 1 move, and 1 breakup!

Funny thing is I am stoked about the break up because I want to go out and get spanked!

The last spanking of Drew and My relationship went as so:

He picked me up at 9:30pm for a quick rendevous, as we both had early mornings. When we got to his place we were all over each other. While we were woven in making out, he slips his hands down my tights and starts squeezing my bottom. I felt amazing. In my head I was chanting

And then, as though he were listening to my thoughts he stopped kissing me and said, "I know what you want."
And he sent me to his room to get ready.
"where do you want me?" I said, tights pulled down around my knees. I realized there are a lot of positions he does not know...all in good time.
He leaned me over the bed and asked what I wanted him to spank with..."It's all up to you." I said with a smile.
He then started rubbing my bottom before pulling his hand back and giving me a sound hand spanking.

He didn't hold anything back.
He spanked and spanked fast and hard. Each blow hurt immensely. I squealed. At one point I yelled out OW.
"Bad 'ow'" he asked
"Bad 'ow'" I confirmed
He rubbed my bottom
Oh no I thought He's going to be afraid to spank me
boy was I wrong!
After a few rubs he was at it again, only harder this time.

This is a far cry from the guy who was too afraid to hurt me."

As for the break up, that happened today. I was bored. He's vanilla and really wants sex bad, and I can't give that to him, and he can't give me the DD I want. He's busy at work, I'm busy at school, not to mention I want to play the field and go to spanking parties and explore this brand new world of spankos!
I am so wide-eyed and excited and Drew seemed very not into this.

Another reason I've been gone so long is OMG best spanking website ever. I LUB it .... Anyway--- I just finished with finals moved out of my dorm and I am ready for a spankering!!

Thanks and Spanks