Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My first Meet with SG

I told you all I was meeting him today! But alas, as a last minute venture we met last night!

I told the family and they all had me on the phone. Wendy ordered me to call her when the night ended. I called Ally and texted Samantha because Wendy had already sent her to bed.

When I talked to Wendy once I met SG she asked me how long it would be. I said probably 20 minutes (my first mistake...eep)

SG and I met at a Starbucks and walked around. Samantha sent me panicked texts, every three seconds! I told her thanks for being so cool, calm, and collected.

As we walked we discussed every aspect of spanking and even went into philosophy and life.
We share very similar views of DD spanking and he would like to take me on as his "mentee"
But everything he said made him seem like a perfect fit for me.

He believes in me making up the rules and him enforcing them.
He is very open to hearing my side and then deciding to spank me anyway, and Spanking is not the only punishment. It's all about discipline, and what is effective.

So I will meet him again today in about 50 minutes!
Wish me luck!


BlackVelvet007 said...

Hope today goes well for you sweetie. Remember, self-preservation is more important. But it sounds like you found someone you can trust. (HUGS) Best wishes.

SpankerGuy said...

It was definatley a plaesure meeting with you. I was really looking forward to it, and the best thing was that the person that I have spent the past weeks getting to know on line, turend out to be the same person I met. It's true we share a great deal on the whole DD aspect of spanking and I look forward to seeing where our jorney takes us.

Pest said...

Congratulations, Michelle. I am so glad it seems like you have found someone to have a DD relationship with but I am sure when you get your FIRST discipline spanking you will want to rethink your decision until you realize this is why you need and this is what you want! I am so glad that the first meeting went well and hopefully the next meeting will go just as well! Just be safe hunny! Hugs to you!