Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My Spanko Family

Hi all
I have a new spanko Family-- for this post I will rename them all!

1- Wendy: Mother hen, technically a switch, but I've only seen her as a domme/top. She is Amazing at what she does. She's got the look down pat. She lives in Washington, and is in her mid fifties. She is Samantha and Pete's Domme.

2-Pete: Sub to Wendy and Top to Ally. He is a switch. He is kind of like the protective older brother of the crew. He is Irish, and has the temper to match. Him and his "sis" Samantha go at it sometimes because of their stubborn natures. He is in his mid 40s and lives in CT with his Spanko Wife Rose, who sometimes tops Wendy

3-Alyson: She is a Brat through and through, and I love her! We are sisters in spanking! She likes to make trouble for other people and watch 'em get spanked I coin her THE INSTIGATOR! She has a lot of experience in the spanking world, is in her late 20s and lives in CA

4-Samantha: AKA my TWIN okay not really but basically. We share a brain! We laugh at the same things, finish each others sentences and call each other to kick the other one out of bed. She is Wendy's sub and lives in MD... WE also plan bratting pranks together. She like me is 20!

5-Michelle: ME. I'm the baby. The newest to the Scene and the literal youngest. I am 20, but I just turned 20. I'm the most likely to back out of a bratting prank, as I am a wimp! Milli is taking me in hand for our big trip to Oregon!


BlackVelvet007 said...

Lucky family. :) Hope it all works out

Pest said...

Michelle, that is great you have found a spanko family and you are enjoying them! Congratulations and I am sure you are all living it up! LOL! Just be careful Wendy doesn't turn that look on you! LOL! I am glad that you are getting along with your "family" and I am sure you will all continue to have lots and lots of fun!