Monday, June 16, 2008

Random Hook up-- already

So not even 24 hours after I broke up with Drew I made out with a random guy, we'll call him Mike-- That's a bit bold for me... even though I'm a spanko with many kinks, the vanilla world perceives me as a straight edge prude. (If only they knew-- hah hah) Anyway, I was hanging out in an office building doing some assisting work when a guy there was complaining of back pains I gave him a bit of a massage-- I thought it was innocent, but then he decided to take me on a journey-- It was the roof of the building, on which there was a helipad and we started making out. Oddly enough he, like Drew is 31, I am 20. How is it that I continuously attract 31 year olds.

He sang Kermit the frog's Rainbow connection to me lol
It was rather humourous but I appreciated his expression of joy

He asked me why I broke up with Drew, I told him that the relationship fizzled and he was too vanilla for me. Mike looked at me and was like, "so you're into like being tied up and stuff?" Hmm, I 've met many vanillas who don't know the word vanilla, so does it mean something that he had some idea of the definition??

Anyway, this blog entry is semi lame. No spanking involved. boo.

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Pest said...

Michelle, I am glad that you had fun with "Mike" but was it wise to make out with him, young lady? Remember take some time to get over Drew or you will regret it! Trust me on this one, hunny! Of course if it still continues to go somewhere good for you! Some vanillas don't know what the word vanilla means but it sounds like he might have an idea of what this word means. He might be a potential spanking partner but TAKE IT SLOW! Give it some time and be patient.

There is nothing wrong with attracting older men. Of course older men have a great fantasy of being with a younger woman! LOL!

Hope you and "Mike" have lots more fun but just be careful you don't go into this as a rebound relationship. They never work out!