Friday, June 13, 2008

Finals are over, relationship is over!

Wow this is my 20th post, and I have big news too
'kay guys I am back!
I decided that I better stay away during finals otherwise I'd fail all my tests
So now I'm back, and I'm better than ever!

I have had one spanking since the last time we talked, I have had 4 finals, 1 move, and 1 breakup!

Funny thing is I am stoked about the break up because I want to go out and get spanked!

The last spanking of Drew and My relationship went as so:

He picked me up at 9:30pm for a quick rendevous, as we both had early mornings. When we got to his place we were all over each other. While we were woven in making out, he slips his hands down my tights and starts squeezing my bottom. I felt amazing. In my head I was chanting

And then, as though he were listening to my thoughts he stopped kissing me and said, "I know what you want."
And he sent me to his room to get ready.
"where do you want me?" I said, tights pulled down around my knees. I realized there are a lot of positions he does not know...all in good time.
He leaned me over the bed and asked what I wanted him to spank with..."It's all up to you." I said with a smile.
He then started rubbing my bottom before pulling his hand back and giving me a sound hand spanking.

He didn't hold anything back.
He spanked and spanked fast and hard. Each blow hurt immensely. I squealed. At one point I yelled out OW.
"Bad 'ow'" he asked
"Bad 'ow'" I confirmed
He rubbed my bottom
Oh no I thought He's going to be afraid to spank me
boy was I wrong!
After a few rubs he was at it again, only harder this time.

This is a far cry from the guy who was too afraid to hurt me."

As for the break up, that happened today. I was bored. He's vanilla and really wants sex bad, and I can't give that to him, and he can't give me the DD I want. He's busy at work, I'm busy at school, not to mention I want to play the field and go to spanking parties and explore this brand new world of spankos!
I am so wide-eyed and excited and Drew seemed very not into this.

Another reason I've been gone so long is OMG best spanking website ever. I LUB it .... Anyway--- I just finished with finals moved out of my dorm and I am ready for a spankering!!

Thanks and Spanks


Pest said...

Michelle, I am sorry about you and Drew but maybe it was for the best. Also the site you mentioned I have heard of it but I can't access it. I do know a few people who go on there and they also recommend it. Just stay away from the Canadians and the British (English) because they like to use the cane, leather sole, and the tawse. LOL!

I am glad that you are doing well and I am sorry you can't have sex and if that is all Drew wanted from you then you are better off without him.

Lucy said...

Welcome to the wonderful of spanking and blogging! I'm also a college spanko. I love your blog and hope you intend to stick around.