Thursday, June 26, 2008

My first spanking with SG

In just a word.

Let's start off a little earlier, when my phone died.
My phone lasts about 2 hours on its old battery.

I was panicking because I knew SG would be trying to call me, and there was nothing I could do.
I got home at 4:30 pm and he was scheduled to pick me up at 5:30. I ran plugged in my phone and turned on my Yahoo! Instant Messenger.

Luckily someone else who knew SG was on and called him and let him know what happened (I learned later that this saved my butt)

So SG picks me up and I am wearing a dress with jeans. This dress was too short to wear with nothing underneath. And the dress I was supposed to wear got stained.

Anyways, as we are driving he says we are making a stop at Target

Shit! I think We are going to buy implements

I couldn't have been more right.
We go in and he gets a cart, in which he puts some wooden spoons and spatulas, a hairbrush, and tells me to pick some panties.

At this point my mind is racing. It seems too sexual for me, not at all what I was looking for, but I don't know what else to do so I just pick out some random ones. He said to pick out ones that made me feel young. I try to explain that all my underwear are already cutsie. I tried so hard to get into it. I forgot that you could use a safeword in any situation you were uncomfortable with, or I would have used one right then.

As we are walking up to the register, cart filled with panties, spatulas, wooden spoons, and hairbrushes, I am about to cry of embarrassment. He laughs at me squirming and tells me to go wait by the elevator.

I take this opportunity to call my spanko family, let them know I'm alright and uncomfortable, but I only manage to say I'm alright.

We get to his place and I am squriming, he brings me to his bedroom where there are tons of implements in a pile on the bed. He grabs them and says "We are not going to be using any of these today.

He sits in his chair very solemnly and pats his lap.
"Over my knee"

I come to him, nervously, I've never been over someones knee.
I lean over awkwardly,
"I've never been over someone's knee"
"Now you have" He replies.

He starts spanking me over my jeans THWACK THWACK THWACK
Each swat hurt but it's what I was looking for. He spanked me on the jeans for what seemed like an eternity, maybe actually 3+ minutes

"It hurts more than you thought?" He said through smacks
"Yeah!" I manage to yelp out. I barely make a noise as he spanks me
"It's yes" THWAP "sir" THWAP
"Yes sir"

"Why didn't you wear your dress?" He asks me spanking me harder and more rapidly
My words and thoughts are flustered.
"There was a stain thing" I whisper
"What?!" He says
I try to muster up some voice
"There was a stain on it."
"Do you think maybe you could have told me that before?" He asks
"Yes, Sorry"
"Yes, what?"
"Yes Sir." I reply cursing myself out in my head "Sorry Sir"
He continued to spank extremely hard and rapid spanks.

He hugged me and put me in the corner. I stood there quietly with my jeans down. He left the room for two minutes or so...

To be continued

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Natty said...

Still leaving us wanting more... ;-)

I'm curious about how you felt with the spanking itself. You seemed afraid while you were picking out implements (which I think would have made me uncomfortable too). But how did you feel about how the spanking went? How he kept wanting you to call him "Sir"?