Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Second Meet Up with SG

I had my Second Meeting with SG yesterday...eep Next meeting is the big one.
This one was much more AWK because it wasn't just a "getting to know you" meeting, it was more of a "here's what you are in for" meeting.

SO he told me it would be a progression spanking:
Corner time
Hand spanking over dress
Corner time
Hand spanking over panties
Corner time
Hand spanking bare bottom
Corner time
After care

I believe that's the order he said, in all honesty I was in and out of the conversation. It is very hard to keep focused when talking about something so nerve wracking, also I'm out of my ADHD meds, which never helps... I'm rambling... because I'm nervous.... Anyway...

He suggested we do it last night "rip off the band-aid" but my mind was panicking WAY too much for that. I said I needed to take a day to process. He kept saying that it would be easier to do it sooner, but I know that mentally it would not have worked last night. I was not in the right mental state.

So we parted and I called the safety net, let them know I was okay.
I had a long chat with Wendy about all of it she calmed me down, and told me funny stories about Pete and his wife Rose (ha ha ha Pete Rose that was unintentional, sorry for the inconvenient re naming) About how she went from Pete's sub to his Domme. It was a very good chat, and I am grateful we had it.

Today I am still nervous. But not scared. In fact, right now I think I'm numb to nervousness...
so that's, good? IDK...

He is picking me up at 5:30pm and the safety net is getting installed :-)
Wendy is so amazing, always making sure I'm safe!

This is my first time meeting with a top!
I'll let you know how it goes!



Pest said...

Michelle, it is good that you have a safety net and I am proud of you for getting that installed BEFORE you met with SG. Good girl! Being nervous is ALWAYS good for a first meet and it is when you ARE NOT nervous you have to worry. I learned the hard way on that one! A lot of corner time....YUCK! I HATE corner time! You can play a trick and NOT face the wall if he just tells you to stand in the corner. LOL! My boyfriend played that one on me several times before he decided to tell me! He got spanked for it as well! LOL! I am sure you will be all right and it seems like you are going to get what you need. It sounds like it is a "getting to base one" spanking with the DD! This is good. Now the first disicipline spanking will make you nervous but call your safety net and they will help you as well. You can email me for my phone number as well if you would need to talk but I am going on vacation on Sunday but will be available through email when I check it and things like that. Good luck and I will be thinking of you sweetie! Big hugs to you!

Natty (aka Michelle) said...

So, how'd it go? :-)

I think it's normal to be nervous, but also very reasonable to say that you need to take it slower. He's probably got itchy palms but ultimately you both have to be ready for it to be what you need.

And that evening sounds like it's got an awful lot of corner time in it...

Oh and nice to see another Michelle in the spanking blogosphere! ;-)

Lucy said...

Can't wait to find out how it went. I have to say I envy you. I'm too shy to seek out a Top. To be honest I'm just hoping that I stumble across another kinky guy hiding in the vanilla dating world.