Monday, June 16, 2008

I've been cheating on you!

...with OMG it is so effing awesome it is by membership only, but it is a free membership and there are chats and forums and games and a punishment book. Its hella fun!

While on the site I learned about Shadow Lane-- Any members out there? Recommend it? Are you going to Vegas for the big Shadow Lane convention ?

Moreover since I'm not with boy anymore I have been searching for spanko relationships-- problem being I meet everyone online and I don't exactly feel safe just going to some random person's place for a spanking-- I am totally turned on by the idea but I also have some sense-- any one done this before and have tips on how to do it safely?


Pest said...

Michelle, I have met people online and have met them in person. I have met a few weirdos and ended up getting hurt but for the most part I screen my partners. You have to be safe! When you decide to meet someone let someone know and you can call them if you need to. It is a good idea to have a time to call them and tell them you either need to leave or you are safe and it is all right. I disregarded this when I first starting meeting people and I paid for it but luckily it wasn't fatal. How I screen them is I talk to them for awhile and first meetings there should be absolutely NO play and you meet in a public place and take it from there. You have to be comfortable with the person who you will allow to spank you. This is the advice I had never followed and I am sure if I had I wouldn't have gotten hurt.

I do know some members from Shadow Lane and they have an excellent reputation so I do recommend it.

I am glad that you like the bottomlines site and wish you all the fun in the world as well.

Fireman Chris said...

As I commented on your party post, I've been to the past two SL parties and am going again this year. Great group. I do belong to their Members Only area...they'll often give you a free membership if you go to a party. Plus, Tony, Eve and Butch (the owners) are all genuinely into the scene and are about more than just making money, which can be rare (though not exceedingly so).

I'd definitely recommend checking them out, and coming to a party sometime if you're so inclined.

Michelle said...

It's a pity I won't be in the country for labor day weekend!