Monday, June 23, 2008

WOW I've come a long way

Hello ALL
I have come a long way from the timid lurker I started here as, and it's only been a month and a half!

The Spankee Devil's been unleashed!

I say this because on Bottom Lines, I have made a tight knight group of friends. There are 5 of us. And we are all meeting in July, for as my friend calls it "a spanking orgy of sorts."
There are Two tops and Three bottoms on this trip. (Though technically the tops are switches, not for this trip)

And I will get some real spankings with two other girls, one is 20 like me the other is 26.
I am so STOKED. We've become like a little family, chatting everyday, sometimes with video chat.

Bratting and spankings and all....
The girls and I are going to be in for it!

I will keep you posted on that after it happens in mid July

Also I am meeting a spanker (SG) this week. We will discuss him being my consistant DD partner. SG and I will meet tomorrow and we will do an actual spanking in the near future.
The first thing he had me do is write an essay on WHY I NEED A DISCIPLINARIAN this morning he had me do corner time on web cam.

I don't think I like web cam play, real pain no real after care :-(

Moreover when I go to New York I will be meeting with my friend BV. So I have a lot of imminent spankings to tell you about!!

More in the near future!

Thanks and Spanks

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Pest said...

Congratulations, Michelle. It does sound like you have come a long way and I hope your trip in July will be a memorable one as well as the other spankers you have been chatting to. I hope your meeting today goes well with the disciplinarian. You had better tell us about all these spankings, young lady! LOL! I am glad that you have gotten comfortable with yourself but remember you are still learning and to take it slow. As for the webcam play I don't like that either since it doesn't seem real to me. I rather do it in person and then tend to do the aftercare if I am doing the spanking or have aftercare if I am the one to get spanked. LOL! Enjoy your visits and keep me posted. You can always keep me posted in an email form too. Good luck sweetie but remember also "Watch out what you wish for"! LOL!