Monday, September 22, 2008

Meeting Up with Joker

He picked me up at 4:30 from my apartment. Just after I finished moving into my dorm.
I got in the car and we exchanged hellos. He responded with: "First thing that happens when we get through my door is you are going over my knee and getting spanked."

Shivers ran down my spine, I tingled all over, I blushed, and smiled 'til I couldn't see any more. I really did not want to wait the hour it took to get to his house through traffic.

"So a month is sufficient anticipation?" I asked, referring to his need to make me wait endlessly. My trip to New York and Israel really felt so empty with out spanks from Joker.

"If you want to put it like that"

We drove, exchanging witty/flirty banter--we're good at that.

"SHIT!" I exclaimed when we were half way there "I forgot your souvenir!"
"Aw, hun, there's always, next time." he said in the 'pity voice' he uses when I say my bottom sore.
"I can't believe I forgot it!"
"Well, don't worry you'll be spanked for it."
Instantly I forgot about the belt and all the anticipation came back. I was (scratch that, AM) ridiculously hot for him.

The closer we got to his house, the giddier I got, my hands shook, I giggled, I rambled on about nothing.

"Aww hun, your giddy." He always does this
"Yes I am."
"Awww." there was that 'pity voice' again, he is so adorable with it.

We got to his place, and walked past the pool of 8-11 year olds splashing around with their mother watching
I hope they can't hear I thought, getting rather self conscious. We walked up the flight of stairs, and arrived, it's the first door on the left. I walked in and...
"Put your stuff down." He said sitting on the couch. I complied and he grabbed my wrist and pulled me over his lap.

THWAP! He smacked my jeans. I was wearing thong underwear for the first time in a long time so I could feel it a little more than usual.


It continued on my jeans for a while, and it didn't hurt at all, yet. I giggled, and looked back at him.

"Is this the part where I'm supposed to say 'ow'?" I said
"You've been watching too many videos."

After some time he told me to stand up and take my jeans down.
"That's like the same as bare bottom, I'm wearing a thong."
"Well that was a smart idea."
"I was being sarcastic."

I pulled my jeans down to my knees.
"Step out of them." He commanded. I love when he orders me to do things. I love when he calls me young lady. I love when he talks in his firm voice.
I complied and he grabbed my wrist and led me over his knee.
That hurt more than I remember, but it was so yummy.
Any cares I had about his neighbors hearing me started to flee. I was being spanked and that was all it took.


I kicked my legs and tried to block a few spanks with my toes (I'm flexible like that, and usually tops won't fault you for trying to block your bottom with your feet, like they do when you reach back with your hands)

We teased each other back and forth. Always a bad (good) idea to tease a spanking top.
"Hips up." he said as he pulled down my underwear.
That won't make any difference I thought with a shrug. Boy was I wrong. Not because I felt it more, but because he started going harder. It was somewhat ceremonial, I was officially bare bottom, and he was officially going harder.





"EEEK!!" I squealed in surprise as he spanked my thighs. He never spanked them before, and I suddenly understood why people say it hurts more; it does.

"You changed while I was gone!"
"You became a thigh spanker."
"Yeah, I neglected them last time" he said, thoroughly attending to the previously "neglected areas.

I could feel myself getting really wet. The situation, the way he was talking, just being back and over his lap.

I challenged him about something, I'm not quite sure what.
I looked up at him.

"Are you going to stop bratting and behave?" SMACK he asked amidst an applause of spanks on my bottom.
"Honestly?" He delivered a few sharp smacks to my bottom. "OW, well I'm just asking." I giggled
"What are you giggling at?" SMACK "you've been a bad girl. Haven't you?"
"No I'm a good girl, I just have a bad behaviour sometimes."
"You still haven't answered my question, are you going to behave?"
"Probably not." SMACK SMACK SMACK it was like rapid fire on my butt. "Okay Okay, I'll behave!"
"You're just saying that for me to stop spanking you."
Somewhere in this conversation, I rolled my eyes... bad idea.
"Do NOT every roll your eyes at me again! Understand." he asked spanking harder on the sit spots, and thighs.
"Yes Sir."
"Stand up." I complied "get the hairbrush."
"Shit" My stomach lurched as I went to grab the hairbrush.

To be continued...

Thursday, September 18, 2008

I got Joker a souvenir

I got Joker a souvenir from Jerusalem.
Ha ha ha
I bought it with my uncle and cousin standing right there. I thought about buying a handcrafted wooden spoon too, but I thought that might be a little suspicious

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Back from Israel

Hey all,
I'm back from my vanilla weeks in Israel, and my Spanko family member Jai (a new lil sis) started her first spanko blog. :)

I'm feeling so spank deprived right now... Well no worries, Joker and I are meeting up on Saturday! More on that soon to come.

Whilst in Israel I decided this spanking thing must be genetic. They way my big cousin mentioned spanking and swatted his girlfriend more than once... I think there is a genetic spanking strand in our DNA.

More to come shortly!


Saturday, August 30, 2008

Meeting up with James

So here's the tale of meeting up with yet another spanker. His name is now James.
I was a little worried about meeting him. Everytime I talked to him he seemed great, but two people on a website I'm on sent me warnings. I scouted out his spankees and asked their impressions. They all thought he was great.

I had no evidence to doubt him, except for these 2 warnings, and after my experience with SG, I did not want a repeat. But I've grown a lot since then. I've had a lot of spankings since then. So I had Wendy chat with him and got her seal of approval.

I met him up at his Job in mid town Manhattan (I'm in NYC visiting home) and took a walk with him to Bryant park.

He appeared rather nerdy and wore a shirt that said "I'm looking for someone really bad are you really bad?" He had on glasses and sniffled every so often (I think he had a sinus infection) We took a long walk, and eventually ended up on the A train to his place.

He seemed completely safe, and the rumor that someone had to roll off of him to escape, seemed almost laughable, he's a smallish guy.

WE logged on to chat for a little bit first, said hi to our friends on Bottomlines ( ) and I saw my friend Tink was on. She and I had met in real life, and I absolutely adore her. She jokingly said she wanted to watch on cam, I said I wouldn't mind so we set it up. James put the cam on and Tink watched the whole thing. She kept saying "this is sooo worth the spanking I'm going to get for staying up past my bed time."

I told James I prefered leather so he just got out about 7 straps, and only one wooden spatula was used.

He layed me over his lap on his bed and the camera was positioned at my arse. He started with his hand, and moved to a variety of leather straps, I winced and squawked a little, but stayed rather still, and tried to guess the implement in his hand, I suck at that game.

In order to give Tink a bit of a show, I kept "falling off" his lap and earning more swats. Finally, we got her on the phone and she kept finding ways to get me spanked-- I could have killed her. But it was all in good fun. When three o clock hit I said I should probably get going, Brooklyn is a lonnng ways from the part of Manhattan we were in. SO he called a cab service and gave me money for the ride home.

I thoroughly enjoyed that spanking, and I'm glad Tink was there to join in the fun.
He wants to meet one more time before I leave NY, I may, but I'm feeling a little spanked out.

And Pete thinks I'm letting too many people spank me too soon. He's worried about me, and he is a bit possessive I think.

Anyway it was a great night full of laughs, and even better 2 nights later Tink's top whipped her for staying up to watch us. I love happy endings!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Last night with an old friend AKA converting a vanilla

Okay so I have some stories that I have yet to catch you up on, but this happened last night, and was too good not to blog about.

When I was in elementary school there was a boy I had a crush on, we shall call him Mark. Now Mark is your typical Nerdy guy. Sweet, quirky, knows everything about everything. Lets put it this way, in fifth grade, his friends and him both played pokemon and made up parodies about Kenneth Starr, how many 10 year olds had a clue who Kenneth Starr was?

Anyway. We dated at age 10, he was my first kiss, he thought it was yucky and I dumped him-- Oh 10 year olds and their dramas.

So athe last time I saw him I was 12, and after 8 years of not seeing him, we reconnect through the wonder of Facebook, and we meet up. We hit up a bar, get to talking, and I know, I just know I will end up talking about TTWD, I just can't help it, Imma freak, (in the best way possible) I ask him if he'd ever seen Secretary Oh, please let him be a closet spanko like me. I think.

"Nope, but I bet I can guess what it is about in three guesses or less."
"A secretary?"

I told him its about the BDSM world.
"So how long have you been into that?" He asks
Oh shit, he's on to me. I never said I was into it
"Officially, since May"

I start talking about all of this stuff, the boards, DD, OTK, TTWD, every acronym you can conjure. We go to his apartment and he is talking about electrical engineering, and how an electrical circuit is the physical representation of a logic statement. It's humorous because his scientific talk would be intermingled with drug talk. He snorted a line of coke, right in front of me! What happened to little Mark?

"So how does a scene go?" He asks
"Well, it's different each time, sometimes there is cornertime, and sometimes there is scolding." I said kind of timidly blushing. "Then the top might pat his or her lap and the bottom would go, um OTK-- Over the knee." I giggled
"Do you want to try a scene?" He has a bit of a stutter, but he said that sentence with such certainty I was shocked.
"What, Now?!" I said in a grave whisper SERIOUSLY??
"With your mom sleeping in the room over?" Nooooo way!
"How loud can it be?"

I almost burst in laughter 'How loud can it be?' ha ha ha ha ha

Well he had a solution, we went down to the gym room in his apartment building, it was 3 in the am, and did the scene there. He laid me over a yoga ball and I told him usually you warm up with a hand spanking.


The inconsistancies were funny, I kind of just let him play on my butt.
OMG I'm converting a vanilla.


He was playing a rhythm on my butt ha ha ha. Then he started to rub it, as I suggested. I told him if you want your bottom to last, you need to rub in between smackings.

"There must be some sort of optimization equation for the ratio of spanking time to rubbing to get the most effective spanking." He said in perfect Mark style.

After some rubbing I gave him permission to use the belt. he didn't double it properly at first, and his swing was very small, so I taught him how to do it and HOLY SHIT.

I told him I'd blog about him, but I was behind on my blogging.

"Well do you think that was very smart to your fans at large on the internet 2.0" (something like that)

I laughed, he was trying to be toppy it was cute.

After I taught him how to use a belt, he was leaving welts on one side and barely hitting the other. ALL in all I thing it was a good first time experience for him, and a very fun reunion ;)

Connecticut Visit

After a week of recovering from MR. Joker's spanking. I found myself home in New York.
At the same time my spanko family was on a trip to New Hampshire without me!

Well on the last night of their journey, they stopped in Connecticut, where Pete and Rose live. So I took a bus ride up to visit the whole family.

Pete was excited to play with me, Wendy had a discipline ready for me, Sam and Alyson are always excited to see me, and Rose and I were meeting for the first time in person.

It was overall a great time. Unfortunately Pete had to leave for the night for a work thing, and he is the one who plays the most, Wendy and Rose are generally all business!

My discipline was really hard. I'm in a twelve step group, and we have tools, like reading the big book and praying. I asked Wendy to help me stay on track, and I had neglected those tools to the point of relapse.
She was not about to go easy on me for that.

Eventually (around 10 pmish?) she took me to the basement, and put me over her leg over the bed. She brought a freaking huge hairbrush, her hand, and a cane. Samantha, and Alyson came to hold hands and give moral support.

She started with her hand, but don't think it was a warm up, it wasn't. The whole time I was thinking, about how can I avoid doing this lying, addiction thing. I felt so ashamed. Her hand is flat and thuddy, it doesn't leave a sting, it feels more like a thick paddle, I hate it


She went on and on.

"What are you thinking about?" She asked, as I lay -- as per usual-- still as stone
Getting your painful hand off my ass! Lying next time!
"Self care and respect." I lied, I didn't think that the honest answers would help any.
"Good" She said as she reached for the hairbrush. I shuddered. Sam held my hands and winced sympathetically.


I suppose I drifted into sub space because, I was just focused on relaxing my muscles and allowing the punishment, but honestly I still felt resistance. I didn't want to use my tools, I didn't want to have an addiction. I felt cursed, and victim-y.


I inhaled sharply, wincing, and crying out



Wendy would stop and check in every so often to make sure I was alright. OF COURSE I WASN'T ALRIGHT, SHE WAS SPANKING ME! But I didn't say that

Then she picked up the fucking cane. I hate that thing she laid it across my buttocks and I shuddered. I'd never had any discipline strokes with the rattan cane.

"Are you ready?"
"No, Ma'am"
"Okay, we'll wait til you are ready."
Really, because NEVER sounds like a great time for me
"Okay, Ma'am. I'm ready"


The cane landed with a crack


I pleaded. I never plead. I whined I begged.

"Just two more strokes." She said. I could hear the remorse in her voice, she was doing it for my own good.


"AARGGGHHHHH" I screamed as the cane landed perfectly on my sit spots.


"OOOOWWWWWWWWWW" I yelled this time with a sigh of relief.

"Do you feel you've learned your lesson?"
No, I'm still hissy, I still don't want to do my tools, I still don't wanna!
yes Ma'am" I said

We snuggled. She put lotion on my bottom, which is unusual, her rule is generally, "if you rub it out, I'll put it back in." But I felt really clingy afterwards, for the next hour it became evident that I was still very subby and not finished with my punishment, I'm not usually subby.
So we had a chat and Sam and Alyson looked at me shocked as I agreed I needed more.

She took me back downstairs with the choice of a belt, a razor strop, or a tawse. I chose belt!

She predominately used the belt but let me feel all three. I screech when the strop lands on the welt from the caning. I have no recollection of the length of the session, she tells me it was short, but on my end it felt long, let me tell you!

After it was over though I felt better, back to normal, ready to rebound and play.
And let me tell you, I did.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Joker! pt deux

After session one I was surprise.

"I think that's enough for one night."

WHAT? My mind screamed, that is certainly not enough for one night. Ever since Oregon, my butt can take A LOT and what that guy gave was weak sauce, c'mon Joker, surely you jest. Don't tease me like this.

So as a few moments went on and my butt started to recover, I started to tease him. Who remembers what about. Everything from his weak swing to his poor choice in baseball team (the Cincinnati Reds). Then sure enough I was back over his lap, and oooh boy that session hurt.


OWWWWWWW I actually start squealing and squirming




BEJESUS NUTS!!! (It's an exclaimation of mine I developed to avoid swearing)

He went on forever and ever this time, but I couldn't help bratting him, he is soo fun to brat.
heh, I even reached back and covered my bottom.

"You know what you are doing when you put your hand there" He said sternly
"Yes, sir. But it huuuuuuurts!"
"It's supposed to hurt! Now move your hand." I budged it up my back, "Further."


The paddle came down with a thud.


He wailed for what seemed like hours, occasionally reaching for the paddle.
This second session seemed an eternity longer than the first.

Just when I didn't know if I could take anymore, and the colors yellow and red became really very appealling words to say, he stopped. Then we started chatting.

"You ever use the belt?" I asked
"Nope." He said

I hinted that he may want to try it. So somehow I ended up on his bed with his belt doubled and wailing on my butt.

mmmmmm..... that felt good!


"You sure you never did this before?" I asked
"Yeah, I'm sure." He said whapping me with the belt a few more times. Though his whip was uncertain to begin with it grew in certainty, with time. He started with "Am I doing this right?" but in the end there was no question.

After a nice leathering, we cuddled on the bed, he tickled me, and I tickled him back, and suddenly found that he was more ticklish than I!


Heh heh heh, can anyone say "power"?

I teased his dvd collection, and pushed him some more, bratting relentlessly.

"You couldn't want more?" he asked
"MEE?!" I shrieked feigning shock, "I never want more!" ha ha ha "You're just a big meaning! :p"
"Alright, if you insist. Lie down. I'll be right back."
Shit he's getting the hairbrush!

After he smacked me with that darned thing for a bit we talked about switching roles.

"I switched a bottom once." He told me
"Do you want me to switch?" I asked
"I don't care." He said
"If I switch, I'll become a different person."

He kind of laughed, I don't think he knew what to expect. I told him that I didn't know if Wendy would approve. He said he wouldn't tell if I didn't. So we switched.

I began by running my finger along his sides, he's very ticklish. Then I grabbed that darned paddle, power was mine! I didn't hate it any more, no, I love it.

"Do you think it's fair to spank an innocent girl?" I asked sternly



He squirmed like a small child as I played with all the implements and alternated between rubbing and smacking.

It was a rather short session, but I had fun. Not looking to switch all the time, but once in a while might be nice *WEG*

As we lay on the bed he looked at me and said that he wanted to kiss me, but he knew I said only spanking. I smiled and giggled.

"You're such a tease" he said.

I leaned in and we kissed. I kissed his lips and traveled down his neck. We hug and cuddled and I lied down with him on top of me, he kissed my tender, ticklish neck, and we had a blast, It was three am at the point and I realized I hadn't called Wendy.

I ran to my phone and had loads of missed calls.


I called Wendy.
"Hello?" She sounded tired but not groggy
"Are you okay? Pete told me you told him you called me."
"No, I said I texted you, and I did at the movie theater."
"I figured it was something like that, you don't usually lie about things like that. So are you home?"
"Are you staying the night?"
"Okay, well don't drive home if you are too tired."
"Having fun?"
"Ohhh yes"
"Good" She said with a chuckle. "Good Night sweet heart"

I jumped back into Joker's bed and we cuddled and played until about 4 am. We went to sleep around then with a promise to play in the morning.

Two hours later we woke up to an alarm. I lied down over him.

"You want more?!" He said in shock

In sooth, dear reader, my butt couldn't handle anymore but I was having such fun. He bared my sore swollen bottom and went to smack it, I flinched, he laughed. Everytime his hand would lift from rubbing my bottom I'd flinch for fear of a smack. Since my butt was so very sore already, he just gave a few soft swats.

"You are cut off." He said
My mind started racing how could I get myself into so much trouble he'd have to spank me?
"Cut off?! Like, completely?"

I started spouting off bratting tactics, but nothing worked. I was cut off, my butt had enough.
He then started kissing me on his bed. He had to get ready for work, but I was quite a distraction.

"You are such a seductress." He claimed that I was very effective at distracting him. Though unfortunately that wasn't a spankable offense, because I was cut off!

He then asked me to take him over my lap.
I led him to the couch and took him over my knee.

He kept wriggling around.

"Keep moving like that and I'll give you something to squirm about." I said, I wondered if I sounded too cliche, but I decided that as long as I was smacking I could be as cliche as I wanted, who'd judging?

After I finished spanking him. He went and got ready for work and we walked out of his apartment, both sore and smiling.

It was truely a great night

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Joker!

So after Oregon, my engine was all revved. I was ready to meet some more people and so I joined Shadow Lane and looked at the classifieds.

There was only one recent ad in Los Angeles, and he was 28. Surprisingly in my age range, which excited me. His ad was unlike a regular spanko ad he asked 5 questions, here are his questions with my responses:

Had enough of search for the same kind of ads? Well, being here it is quite obvious what I am into. I'm a 28 year old man seeking a female, I'm a switch (prefer to give), OTK style...yadda yadda yadda.

So now we have that settled, relax put down the pens and pencils, open up the e-mail box and answer five questions. The big winner is swarmed with butterfly kisses while the big loser is given a good old fashioned spanking. Good Luck!

1. What kind of wood makes the best paddle?

2. What is the difference between a fun spanking and a discipline spanking?

3. Who would win in a fight? Santa's Little Elves or The Mole People.

4. Why are there so many spankos in California?

5. Who would you rather have spank you? The Sloth from the Goonies, The Joker, Elizabeth Hurley, or Mr. Burns from the Simpsons?

My answers:
1. Leather is the type of wood that makes the best paddle (hee hee hee)

2. The psychological headspace. If it is fun it is less serious, there may be a warm up, and rubbing in between and after. There is no rubbing in a discipline :( or after. If it is rubbed out it must be put back in! Also I can't make fun of my spanker in a discipline spanking, else I'd be in for it!

3. I was going to say Mole people, but then I thought, Elves are probably over worked and underpaid with the amount of kids in the world and their tiny lil fingers must be super strong!

4. Because Cali rocks, and the US was started by puritans on the east coast all the spankos had to migrate west!

5. Elizabeth Hurley hands down! she's a sexy mofo, I'm a straight girl and I can see that

After emailing back and forth with witty banter, I introduced him to my domme (Wendy is now officially my domme, she collared me in Oregon-- Important piece of information)

She said I could meet him, and he took me to a Yankees v Angels game at Angels stadium. I wore my Jeter Jersey and was depressed as the Yankees played like little leaguers.

We went back to his place and talked about everything and anything. I would have jumped over his lap right then and there.

But A) Wendy said no spanking the first meet, and B) Joker said no spanking first meet. So that wasn't about to happen, but we stayed up talking till about four in the am. We cuddled on his couch and talked about everything, then I finally left. Wendy was calling me at 2 asking if I was in bed yet. hee hee hee, nope.

We met again a few days later, and we met with the intention of playing. First we went to see The Dark Knight.

On the way to the movie he turns to me and says,
"You are such a bad girl, you would just go to my place without the movie."
I turned to him and said,
"nuh-uh I hate being spanked." Hah I could hardly keep a straight face.
He just smiled and said "Uh huh"

He makes it clear that I am going to have to wait for my spankings, no matter when I may want them. Makes me swoon!

During the entire movie I was restless, I knew what was coming afterwards, and it is a fekking long movie.

He's going to spank me! SHUT UP! Just watch the fekking movie. Aww that was sad about Heath Ledger. He's going to spank me! Wow I like thi--He's going to spank me!
My brain wouldn't shut up!

We finally went back to his place and I hesistated to sit, I mean how long would I be on my bottom anyway?

"Aww babe, you are soo jumpy." Joker said with a chuckle

I smiled, when in G-ds name are we going to start?

Finally, after an eternity he took me over his lap and started to spank me, it was bliss.

He spanked me on my jeans, my panties and then the bare, and I realized I could start teasing him relentlessly!

"Is this the part where I'm supposed to say 'ow'?" I asked with a chuckle, faking ows, and teasing him. However as a bottom, one must learn that alwasys leads to harsher implements.
As he flicked his wrist and smacked my eager bottom I squeaked and squawked.

SMACK SMACK SMACK, I inhaled sharply and bit my lip.

How much further could I push him? I thought, this was a fun game!

Finally I hit his limit.

"Go get the paddle, young lady." He said sternly

My brain thought both SHIT! and YES! simultaneously. My stomach dropped and my sex tingled. The Joker has his game in order!

I reluctantly handed him his paddle with a pout

"over my lap young lady"
I laid over his lap and he used that darned paddle, I hate wood!


OWWW I squealed.

He stopped rather quickly and applied lotion. It was a fun first session but the night was no where near over.

More to come soon, including a hairbrush, a belt, and switching roles!

One more Oregon Story

Sooooo, some of the spanko family is now in Medford, Oregon. And it seems everywhere we go we attract spankos! Shocked

On the first day, before Pete, Wendy, and Sam arrived, Alison and I happened upon an Adult Store. While searching through the implements a group of twenty somethings started chasing eachother around with them. A girl said to her beau "What if I spanked you with this?" Holding a Leather paddle. He kind of shreiked and said "that looks like that hurts!" then he came back and smacked her butt. They all spanked each other as Alison and I watched and Laughed

The next day we all went to a Hibachi Japanese Restaurant (where they cook the food in front of you) Alison, Sam, and I were sitting lightly and we were seated with another family. Anyway, as the chef is cooking he turns to me and says "How do you like your Tofu."
I said "How do you like to cook it?"
He said, "Spanked Tofu" and he starts spanking the tofu with his spatula.
He did the same thing for Petes's steak and then he started singing "Bad cow bad cow, whatcha gonna do when the come for you?" as he is whaling on the steak with his spatula.

He asked us where we were from when we all said different places, he gave us a funny look, because we said that we were visiting for a family reunion.
He then said, "Something fishy is going on there." We all were in laughter.

Later he turns to Wendy as he is spanking the food and says "I've seen the movies, I know what's going on." then he turns to Pete and says "did you enjoy it?"
Pete grins and says "very much so."

It was sooo funny

Oregon Story

SO I don't really want to go into each story. The long and the short of it is I got spankered a lot, and I loved it, I didn't love the discipline though. However I will now share a comedic story from Oregon:

Soooo I was lying over the bed, next to Sam and we were getting spanked by Pete. I had a spreader bar keeping my feet apart. Alison was in the living room of the suite. When Pete went to tend to Alison, Sam turned to me and whispered, "We are such a weird family"
I was reluctant to respond as I don't want to get caught, so in a very low whisper I said, "I wouldn't have it any other way". Sam turns to me and says "WHAT?! You're coming?!" and cracks up laughing Pete comes in and says. "What are you laughing at?" And Sam says "a miscommunication" And Pete says "what's the miscommunication."

As I recount the conversation to Pete we all start laughing and I suddenly need to pee. I jump off the bed, but I have a spreader bar on, so I'm running to the bathroom, laughing and peeing, I'm trying to close my legs to stop the pee, but I can't because of the spreader bar and pee was running down my leg! It was soooo funny

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Trip to Oregon! Pt 1

I took a Greyhound bus up to San Francisco, where Alyson met me and we drove up to Oregon.
We stayed in a Hotel6 for the night, so stoked about meeting Wendy, Pete, Samantha.

We ended up being bratty all night, if there were tops around, our bottoms would have been whupped. We pulled each other out of our beds, talked, squealed, and jumped. It was so fun.

The next day we discovered that Samantha's flight was super delayed and Wendy and Pete wouldn't be getting in until Midnight.

Alyson and I were bummed to the max... were we still going to get spanked tonight?
We wandered around the local mall when all of a sudden we saw it....glowing like, like, like a buried treasure in a movie. The neon sign called our names "ALYSON" "MICHELLE" this is why Wendy and Pete are late!

it was... SPENCER'S GIFTS!

We looked around. We bought some fake cigs, some cream that makes smoke when you slap it, and a magnet for Pete that said "Warning may be prone to Shenanigans and Malarky" (He's Irish)

We wanted to put the cream on our bums so that when we got spanked, they would smoke.
Unfortunately the cream was gooey and smelly and didn't work.

We also bought some cereal to plant in their beds and a bubble maker thing, for some general brattery.

When we got to the hotel we didn't do much for the next few hours, but we decided Alyson would put me in the trunk of her car and I would pop out when they came in, fake cig in hand.
We did so and when we all met, it was just sheer excitement. I mean we had been talking online for over a month almost every single night. I hugged Samantha and almost fell over in shock it was so great to finally be meeting them.

We went up to the room, and Wendy starts laying out all her implements as Pete and Samantha recount the various embarrassing spankings that happened on the ride up. Including Samantha being spanked in a gas station in front of the service guy. EEP

Uh oh, I thought What am I in for?

Wendy tells us to go take a look at all the implements. I am looking at them in shock and awe. I've never been so close to this many weapons of mass destruction before (okay not really, more like implements of ass destruction)
She had paddles upon paddles mixed with leather and delrin canes, and omigod, I'm not gonna lie I was scared.

She picked up the irish school strap (Instrument made from two layers of leather, stitched together. One and a half inches wide; eighteen inches long; three-eighths of an inch thick.) and told us all to hold out our palms. My eye were already watering. seriously? So I hesitantly held out my hand. WHACK
My eyes filled up.
I started shaking my hand out... that fekkin' hurt

"And that was just a shoulder fall!" Wendy Said.

That was not just a shoulder fall! my head shouted, but my mouth knew better than to say that.

Then we were each going to get a short spanking and off to bed. Samantha was the first. The rest of us waited in the living room of the suite in anticipation. Knowing we were next. I held Alyson's hand. Eep


We listened as the instruments alternated and the cries became harder to contain.
I sat in my seat scared and excited, oh shit, oh shit, Am I doing the right thing?


The Trip to Oregon happened July 17-July 20
and they were some of the most glorious days of my life.

Most of the Fam was there:
Wendy, Samantha, Alyson, and Pete were there, but Pete's wife Rose couldn't make it, and neither could her sub Amy.

Wendy and Pete were to be the Tops and Samantha, Alyson, and I the bottoms. But being that Pete is a switch, he was quite the brat much of the trip.

During this trip I experienced play and real discipline, and a variety of implements including:
hand, plastic hairbrush, wooden hairbrush, plastic lexan ruler, wooden paint stick, paddle, marinet, belt, tawse, Irish school strap, razor strop (extra thick!), delrin cane, double, triple and birch of canes, and a switch

I'm proud of my new list. The play was so much fun, the discipline, not so much.

They never went too far, they always kept my head in a good space and when it was play they would always rub out the burn and space out the hits so that the marks never lasted more than a few hours. I'll be doing more posts on specific spankings and events that occurred during our trip.

But this is just a taste of what happened with my spanko family in Oregon!

My first web Cam spanking

As Wendy is taking me under her wing 'til Oregon, she had a talk with me about rudeness.
Apparently, when I sign off on Yahoo! Instant Messenger without saying HUGS first, people felt like I was being rude. I tended to just say goodbye and sign off quickly, without giving them the chance to respond.

She said it was no big deal, but if she finds out I was being rude again that I'd be in for a spanking.
"on cam?" I ask
"yes little one."

I will be perfect I decide!

Later that evening, Alyson, Wendy and I are in a conference on YIM. I was joshing around, and I did something to catch Wendy's attention

Wendy: Michelle Renee!
Me: Yes Ma'am
Alyson: giggles
Me: Alyson would you please shut up?
Wendy: Did we or did we not just have a talk about being rude?
Me: Yes ma'am
Wendy: And what did I say would happen if you were rude again?
Me: A spanking Ma'am
Wendy: How?
Me: On cam, Ma'am
Wendy: That's right
Me: But I was only playing.
Wendy: But you were rude.
Me: Yes Ma'am

She instructed me to get my implements ready, and the next possible time I'd get spanked.
We had to wait for my dad to be out of the house and for her to have time. It seemed like an eternity, actually it was 2 days.

First we talked about it on skype,
"Why are we here?" She asked me
"Because I was rude, Ma'am"
We discussed the situation, I told her I felt like I was just playing around and it was unfair, she said that if she hadn't just talked to me about being rude than it wouldn't be a big deal.

She had me pull down my pants and underwear and use the hairbrush to spank my bottom and my sit spots a few times on each side to test it out. Then she had me do 10 hard ones on each cheek and each sit spot then talk to her about how it was for me.

She asked me open ended questions, so that I couldn't just say "fine" or "okay"
"What was that like for you?" She asked
I told her I was nervous and embarrassed.
She said it wasn't always about the pain.

Then she had me do a repeat of that session only harder and faster, and that was it.
During the session all I could think about was compelling my muscles to cause me pain.
Wouldn't it be more painful if she did it? Can I do it hard enough for her?

In reality it was just a short quick session to get me used to the idea.
That was it.
All in all it worked well. Little did I know that I'd be earning myself another one in two days :D

My first spanking with SG pt 3

SG and I played online, and I thought we were all done with the spanking. We made a list of rules along with the consequences of breaking said rules. I didn't agree with most of the consequences. For example, the number one thing I wanted to work on was exercise, and the only punishment for not exercising was loss of Spanko-internet privledges for a day.

I knew it was my job to speak up, but I was scared. I didn't really know him that well, and I didn't know my limits yet, being a noob. I understood what Wendy was saying about keeping it safe, and I realized I wasn't as safe as I could have been because I didn't really know SG

Finally, I was ready to leave when he turns to me and says, "Are you ready for the last part of your spanking?"

Is he joking? He was joking earlier, when he gave me five playful swats. He said only three sessions over his knee. Surely, he's not serious! My mind raced with questions, this was not what we discussed. I nodded speechless.

"This is going to be the hardest session and it will be on the bare bottom." He said "Understood?"
"Yes, sir" I squeeked out of my lips
This is what you wanted, this is what you wanted I reminded myself over and over again.

As he TWACKED and SMACKED me harded than ever, I lay limp on his lap wishing it would end.

Mechanically everything was right, but emotionally it didn't work.

After a few smacks he stood me up and told me to get the new panties on.
I felt awkward in them, but they were thick cotton and offered some protection.
As I lay on his lap again he tells me he is going to give me fifty more and I am to yell out when we get to 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50

It was an exercise in concentration, he says.

Don't fuck up or he'll start over! I yell to myself.

10 and 20, come rather easily, but then he says he is going to start mixing it up and varying the tempo. I get 30 just barely but when he gets to 40 he speeds up so fast and I am sooo flustered I cannot say 40 in time.

"That was 42 not 40." He says "We are starting over."
OMG! Really? I though that was 40 are you sure?

He starts again. All I can focus on are the numbers. I am mouthing them to try and keep up with his rapid pace changing. I forget about safe words, or the scene, or anything. ALL I can think about is counting
This time the same thing happens at 40 except this time I know I fucked up.
"What number was that really?" He says sternly
"I don't know." I say almost about to cry, He just cannot start again!
That was 43" He says
"It just sped up so much! I didn't...." my words trail off, I know they're of no use to me now.
"You are really blistered and bruised, so I won't make you start again." He says
"We are now at the last 5, these are going to be the hardest five of the night, understand?"
"Yes, sir."






I squeal then I collapse into him for aftercare. I am shaking and scared. The other after care felt false. This time I felt like if I didn't collapse into him, I'd just collapse.

At the end he shared with me his alter, which was very special.

I know for him he didn't know what was happening within my head, he didn't know that it was too hard for me because I didn't say anything, I don't blame him for any wrong doing, I just wish I had opened my mouth sometimes.

The real problems started the next day.

My bottom was sore and swollen, bruised and blistered.
All this from a hand!? I thought, and disciplines will be worse?!

I was under the impression the implements would necessarily be worse, because I hadn't had any yet.

I was promised 5 swats with a hairbrush per minute late, so I was 30 minutes early to work.
On my way to my acting class I broke down crying because of traffic.
When I got home and he was online he I invited him into conference with my spanko family.
He asked if I got his email yet. I told him I hadn't read my email yet. He asked to see me in PM NOW.

He told me I was going to get 20 with the hairbrush for not having checked my E-mail yet.
At this point I "shouted" in caps lock "I AM DONE"

Following this there was a lot of speculation and drama, about whether what he did was right or wrong.

I still maintain that I should have said something, otherwise how would he know it didn't work for me?

After seeing the picture, other people said that if he was an experienced top, he should not have gone that hard my first time.

Some people got really mad at him and sent him mean messages.
He left the online scene for a bit and I posted a forum message in his favor, stating that he did nothing wrong.

After that, generally opinion of him was good, but he had already left the scene online, and moved to UK for a few weeks.

The reason I didn't post on this, is I didn't really know what to say for a while. I wanted the heat of the topic to die down first.

Thats all for now.

I've had some really great experiences since then too, and I can't wait to share them!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My first spanking with SG pt2

He came in and took me from the wall, he brought me back to his lap.
I laid over his lap and he began the next session.
I don't remember a lot of what he said, but he'd ask me questions, deep question and expected an answer.
As he spanked I remember crying out yellow a few times.
He encouraged me not to be afraid to use my safe words, but I was.
He spanked me on the underwear for about five minutes straight.

"Why do you want to be spanked?" SMACK SMACK SMACK
"Because I want discipline." I mumbled SMACK
"Why do you need discipline?" SMACK SMACK
"To take SMACK responisibility for my life SMACK and live with integrity."
"Why do you SMACK deserve that? SMACK
"Because I'm worth it." I replied

"Now for these next 10, I want you to cout and say 'I'm worth it'"

"one I'm worth it"
"two I'm worth it"
"three I'm worth it"
"four I'm worth it"
"five I'm worth it"
"six I'm worth it"
"seven I'm worth it"
"eight I'm worth it"
"nine I'm worth it"
"TEN I'M WORTH IT" I screamed out in pain and relief.

He told me my butt was already bruised and blood blisters were starting to form.
He asked if I wanted to see, I nodded and he brought me to his bathroom.

Oh my G-d I thought. Little did I know I wasn't even half way done.
He gave me some water and we had a nice chat. However, inside it all felt devoid of relationship connection or emotion. It felt like nothing he said applied to me. I don't have a self worth issue.
I don't think lowly of myself. I'm proud of myself, my grades, my accomplishments.

He had me stand in the corner and come up with the 5 best things about myself.
He came back in about 5 minutes and asked for them.
I gave them to him and then he took me back over his lap bare bottom

"Are you okay?" He asked
No I was not okay. I was bruised and this was my first time, and I was scared and he wasn't stopping.
"Yeah" I managed to yelp from my confused state of mind
"You have left off the 'Sir' quite a few times tonight." He said "The next twenty are going to be hard and they are going to be for forgetting to call me 'Sir'"


At this point, I had said yellow maybe six times throughout the course of the night, I barely yelled or yelped, I was quiet.

I was okay.

We then started playing around online and visited a chat

Thursday, June 26, 2008

My first spanking with SG

In just a word.

Let's start off a little earlier, when my phone died.
My phone lasts about 2 hours on its old battery.

I was panicking because I knew SG would be trying to call me, and there was nothing I could do.
I got home at 4:30 pm and he was scheduled to pick me up at 5:30. I ran plugged in my phone and turned on my Yahoo! Instant Messenger.

Luckily someone else who knew SG was on and called him and let him know what happened (I learned later that this saved my butt)

So SG picks me up and I am wearing a dress with jeans. This dress was too short to wear with nothing underneath. And the dress I was supposed to wear got stained.

Anyways, as we are driving he says we are making a stop at Target

Shit! I think We are going to buy implements

I couldn't have been more right.
We go in and he gets a cart, in which he puts some wooden spoons and spatulas, a hairbrush, and tells me to pick some panties.

At this point my mind is racing. It seems too sexual for me, not at all what I was looking for, but I don't know what else to do so I just pick out some random ones. He said to pick out ones that made me feel young. I try to explain that all my underwear are already cutsie. I tried so hard to get into it. I forgot that you could use a safeword in any situation you were uncomfortable with, or I would have used one right then.

As we are walking up to the register, cart filled with panties, spatulas, wooden spoons, and hairbrushes, I am about to cry of embarrassment. He laughs at me squirming and tells me to go wait by the elevator.

I take this opportunity to call my spanko family, let them know I'm alright and uncomfortable, but I only manage to say I'm alright.

We get to his place and I am squriming, he brings me to his bedroom where there are tons of implements in a pile on the bed. He grabs them and says "We are not going to be using any of these today.

He sits in his chair very solemnly and pats his lap.
"Over my knee"

I come to him, nervously, I've never been over someones knee.
I lean over awkwardly,
"I've never been over someone's knee"
"Now you have" He replies.

He starts spanking me over my jeans THWACK THWACK THWACK
Each swat hurt but it's what I was looking for. He spanked me on the jeans for what seemed like an eternity, maybe actually 3+ minutes

"It hurts more than you thought?" He said through smacks
"Yeah!" I manage to yelp out. I barely make a noise as he spanks me
"It's yes" THWAP "sir" THWAP
"Yes sir"

"Why didn't you wear your dress?" He asks me spanking me harder and more rapidly
My words and thoughts are flustered.
"There was a stain thing" I whisper
"What?!" He says
I try to muster up some voice
"There was a stain on it."
"Do you think maybe you could have told me that before?" He asks
"Yes, Sorry"
"Yes, what?"
"Yes Sir." I reply cursing myself out in my head "Sorry Sir"
He continued to spank extremely hard and rapid spanks.

He hugged me and put me in the corner. I stood there quietly with my jeans down. He left the room for two minutes or so...

To be continued