Wednesday, August 27, 2008

One more Oregon Story

Sooooo, some of the spanko family is now in Medford, Oregon. And it seems everywhere we go we attract spankos! Shocked

On the first day, before Pete, Wendy, and Sam arrived, Alison and I happened upon an Adult Store. While searching through the implements a group of twenty somethings started chasing eachother around with them. A girl said to her beau "What if I spanked you with this?" Holding a Leather paddle. He kind of shreiked and said "that looks like that hurts!" then he came back and smacked her butt. They all spanked each other as Alison and I watched and Laughed

The next day we all went to a Hibachi Japanese Restaurant (where they cook the food in front of you) Alison, Sam, and I were sitting lightly and we were seated with another family. Anyway, as the chef is cooking he turns to me and says "How do you like your Tofu."
I said "How do you like to cook it?"
He said, "Spanked Tofu" and he starts spanking the tofu with his spatula.
He did the same thing for Petes's steak and then he started singing "Bad cow bad cow, whatcha gonna do when the come for you?" as he is whaling on the steak with his spatula.

He asked us where we were from when we all said different places, he gave us a funny look, because we said that we were visiting for a family reunion.
He then said, "Something fishy is going on there." We all were in laughter.

Later he turns to Wendy as he is spanking the food and says "I've seen the movies, I know what's going on." then he turns to Pete and says "did you enjoy it?"
Pete grins and says "very much so."

It was sooo funny

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