Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Joker!

So after Oregon, my engine was all revved. I was ready to meet some more people and so I joined Shadow Lane and looked at the classifieds.

There was only one recent ad in Los Angeles, and he was 28. Surprisingly in my age range, which excited me. His ad was unlike a regular spanko ad he asked 5 questions, here are his questions with my responses:

Had enough of search for the same kind of ads? Well, being here it is quite obvious what I am into. I'm a 28 year old man seeking a female, I'm a switch (prefer to give), OTK style...yadda yadda yadda.

So now we have that settled, relax put down the pens and pencils, open up the e-mail box and answer five questions. The big winner is swarmed with butterfly kisses while the big loser is given a good old fashioned spanking. Good Luck!

1. What kind of wood makes the best paddle?

2. What is the difference between a fun spanking and a discipline spanking?

3. Who would win in a fight? Santa's Little Elves or The Mole People.

4. Why are there so many spankos in California?

5. Who would you rather have spank you? The Sloth from the Goonies, The Joker, Elizabeth Hurley, or Mr. Burns from the Simpsons?

My answers:
1. Leather is the type of wood that makes the best paddle (hee hee hee)

2. The psychological headspace. If it is fun it is less serious, there may be a warm up, and rubbing in between and after. There is no rubbing in a discipline :( or after. If it is rubbed out it must be put back in! Also I can't make fun of my spanker in a discipline spanking, else I'd be in for it!

3. I was going to say Mole people, but then I thought, Elves are probably over worked and underpaid with the amount of kids in the world and their tiny lil fingers must be super strong!

4. Because Cali rocks, and the US was started by puritans on the east coast all the spankos had to migrate west!

5. Elizabeth Hurley hands down! she's a sexy mofo, I'm a straight girl and I can see that

After emailing back and forth with witty banter, I introduced him to my domme (Wendy is now officially my domme, she collared me in Oregon-- Important piece of information)

She said I could meet him, and he took me to a Yankees v Angels game at Angels stadium. I wore my Jeter Jersey and was depressed as the Yankees played like little leaguers.

We went back to his place and talked about everything and anything. I would have jumped over his lap right then and there.

But A) Wendy said no spanking the first meet, and B) Joker said no spanking first meet. So that wasn't about to happen, but we stayed up talking till about four in the am. We cuddled on his couch and talked about everything, then I finally left. Wendy was calling me at 2 asking if I was in bed yet. hee hee hee, nope.

We met again a few days later, and we met with the intention of playing. First we went to see The Dark Knight.

On the way to the movie he turns to me and says,
"You are such a bad girl, you would just go to my place without the movie."
I turned to him and said,
"nuh-uh I hate being spanked." Hah I could hardly keep a straight face.
He just smiled and said "Uh huh"

He makes it clear that I am going to have to wait for my spankings, no matter when I may want them. Makes me swoon!

During the entire movie I was restless, I knew what was coming afterwards, and it is a fekking long movie.

He's going to spank me! SHUT UP! Just watch the fekking movie. Aww that was sad about Heath Ledger. He's going to spank me! Wow I like thi--He's going to spank me!
My brain wouldn't shut up!

We finally went back to his place and I hesistated to sit, I mean how long would I be on my bottom anyway?

"Aww babe, you are soo jumpy." Joker said with a chuckle

I smiled, when in G-ds name are we going to start?

Finally, after an eternity he took me over his lap and started to spank me, it was bliss.

He spanked me on my jeans, my panties and then the bare, and I realized I could start teasing him relentlessly!

"Is this the part where I'm supposed to say 'ow'?" I asked with a chuckle, faking ows, and teasing him. However as a bottom, one must learn that alwasys leads to harsher implements.
As he flicked his wrist and smacked my eager bottom I squeaked and squawked.

SMACK SMACK SMACK, I inhaled sharply and bit my lip.

How much further could I push him? I thought, this was a fun game!

Finally I hit his limit.

"Go get the paddle, young lady." He said sternly

My brain thought both SHIT! and YES! simultaneously. My stomach dropped and my sex tingled. The Joker has his game in order!

I reluctantly handed him his paddle with a pout

"over my lap young lady"
I laid over his lap and he used that darned paddle, I hate wood!


OWWW I squealed.

He stopped rather quickly and applied lotion. It was a fun first session but the night was no where near over.

More to come soon, including a hairbrush, a belt, and switching roles!


Anonymous said...

Very nice inaugural session! Looking forward to reading the "conclusion."
I have no reservations about giving Shadow Lane my strongest endorsement when it comes to using their personals to find play partners. Outstanding decision, with a memorable "payoff" to celebrate!

Anonymous said...

Michelle, I was wondering where you had gotten to and now I know. LOL! I am glad that you have met someone and you are enjoying his company. Well, don't push too far or you might get what you DON'T want which is a discipline spanking! LOL! It sounds like both of you had fun and I am happy that you two found each other.

Congratulations on being collared to Wendy. I am sure that was also a big step to take. Now hurry up with the conclusion. LOL!