Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Joker! pt deux

After session one I was surprise.

"I think that's enough for one night."

WHAT? My mind screamed, that is certainly not enough for one night. Ever since Oregon, my butt can take A LOT and what that guy gave was weak sauce, c'mon Joker, surely you jest. Don't tease me like this.

So as a few moments went on and my butt started to recover, I started to tease him. Who remembers what about. Everything from his weak swing to his poor choice in baseball team (the Cincinnati Reds). Then sure enough I was back over his lap, and oooh boy that session hurt.


OWWWWWWW I actually start squealing and squirming




BEJESUS NUTS!!! (It's an exclaimation of mine I developed to avoid swearing)

He went on forever and ever this time, but I couldn't help bratting him, he is soo fun to brat.
heh, I even reached back and covered my bottom.

"You know what you are doing when you put your hand there" He said sternly
"Yes, sir. But it huuuuuuurts!"
"It's supposed to hurt! Now move your hand." I budged it up my back, "Further."


The paddle came down with a thud.


He wailed for what seemed like hours, occasionally reaching for the paddle.
This second session seemed an eternity longer than the first.

Just when I didn't know if I could take anymore, and the colors yellow and red became really very appealling words to say, he stopped. Then we started chatting.

"You ever use the belt?" I asked
"Nope." He said

I hinted that he may want to try it. So somehow I ended up on his bed with his belt doubled and wailing on my butt.

mmmmmm..... that felt good!


"You sure you never did this before?" I asked
"Yeah, I'm sure." He said whapping me with the belt a few more times. Though his whip was uncertain to begin with it grew in certainty, with time. He started with "Am I doing this right?" but in the end there was no question.

After a nice leathering, we cuddled on the bed, he tickled me, and I tickled him back, and suddenly found that he was more ticklish than I!


Heh heh heh, can anyone say "power"?

I teased his dvd collection, and pushed him some more, bratting relentlessly.

"You couldn't want more?" he asked
"MEE?!" I shrieked feigning shock, "I never want more!" ha ha ha "You're just a big meaning! :p"
"Alright, if you insist. Lie down. I'll be right back."
Shit he's getting the hairbrush!

After he smacked me with that darned thing for a bit we talked about switching roles.

"I switched a bottom once." He told me
"Do you want me to switch?" I asked
"I don't care." He said
"If I switch, I'll become a different person."

He kind of laughed, I don't think he knew what to expect. I told him that I didn't know if Wendy would approve. He said he wouldn't tell if I didn't. So we switched.

I began by running my finger along his sides, he's very ticklish. Then I grabbed that darned paddle, power was mine! I didn't hate it any more, no, I love it.

"Do you think it's fair to spank an innocent girl?" I asked sternly



He squirmed like a small child as I played with all the implements and alternated between rubbing and smacking.

It was a rather short session, but I had fun. Not looking to switch all the time, but once in a while might be nice *WEG*

As we lay on the bed he looked at me and said that he wanted to kiss me, but he knew I said only spanking. I smiled and giggled.

"You're such a tease" he said.

I leaned in and we kissed. I kissed his lips and traveled down his neck. We hug and cuddled and I lied down with him on top of me, he kissed my tender, ticklish neck, and we had a blast, It was three am at the point and I realized I hadn't called Wendy.

I ran to my phone and had loads of missed calls.


I called Wendy.
"Hello?" She sounded tired but not groggy
"Are you okay? Pete told me you told him you called me."
"No, I said I texted you, and I did at the movie theater."
"I figured it was something like that, you don't usually lie about things like that. So are you home?"
"Are you staying the night?"
"Okay, well don't drive home if you are too tired."
"Having fun?"
"Ohhh yes"
"Good" She said with a chuckle. "Good Night sweet heart"

I jumped back into Joker's bed and we cuddled and played until about 4 am. We went to sleep around then with a promise to play in the morning.

Two hours later we woke up to an alarm. I lied down over him.

"You want more?!" He said in shock

In sooth, dear reader, my butt couldn't handle anymore but I was having such fun. He bared my sore swollen bottom and went to smack it, I flinched, he laughed. Everytime his hand would lift from rubbing my bottom I'd flinch for fear of a smack. Since my butt was so very sore already, he just gave a few soft swats.

"You are cut off." He said
My mind started racing how could I get myself into so much trouble he'd have to spank me?
"Cut off?! Like, completely?"

I started spouting off bratting tactics, but nothing worked. I was cut off, my butt had enough.
He then started kissing me on his bed. He had to get ready for work, but I was quite a distraction.

"You are such a seductress." He claimed that I was very effective at distracting him. Though unfortunately that wasn't a spankable offense, because I was cut off!

He then asked me to take him over my lap.
I led him to the couch and took him over my knee.

He kept wriggling around.

"Keep moving like that and I'll give you something to squirm about." I said, I wondered if I sounded too cliche, but I decided that as long as I was smacking I could be as cliche as I wanted, who'd judging?

After I finished spanking him. He went and got ready for work and we walked out of his apartment, both sore and smiling.

It was truely a great night

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Anonymous said...

Sorry, I haven't been able to read this until now, Michelle. It sounds like you and Joker really REALLY had a good time. I am glad both of you were very sore, swollen, and VERY happy! I hope you two can play again. Switching is so much fun as well as bratting the person to see how far you can push before you get over their laps! LOL! Now, I am off to the other posts I have been negilent to read! LOL!