Saturday, August 30, 2008

Meeting up with James

So here's the tale of meeting up with yet another spanker. His name is now James.
I was a little worried about meeting him. Everytime I talked to him he seemed great, but two people on a website I'm on sent me warnings. I scouted out his spankees and asked their impressions. They all thought he was great.

I had no evidence to doubt him, except for these 2 warnings, and after my experience with SG, I did not want a repeat. But I've grown a lot since then. I've had a lot of spankings since then. So I had Wendy chat with him and got her seal of approval.

I met him up at his Job in mid town Manhattan (I'm in NYC visiting home) and took a walk with him to Bryant park.

He appeared rather nerdy and wore a shirt that said "I'm looking for someone really bad are you really bad?" He had on glasses and sniffled every so often (I think he had a sinus infection) We took a long walk, and eventually ended up on the A train to his place.

He seemed completely safe, and the rumor that someone had to roll off of him to escape, seemed almost laughable, he's a smallish guy.

WE logged on to chat for a little bit first, said hi to our friends on Bottomlines ( ) and I saw my friend Tink was on. She and I had met in real life, and I absolutely adore her. She jokingly said she wanted to watch on cam, I said I wouldn't mind so we set it up. James put the cam on and Tink watched the whole thing. She kept saying "this is sooo worth the spanking I'm going to get for staying up past my bed time."

I told James I prefered leather so he just got out about 7 straps, and only one wooden spatula was used.

He layed me over his lap on his bed and the camera was positioned at my arse. He started with his hand, and moved to a variety of leather straps, I winced and squawked a little, but stayed rather still, and tried to guess the implement in his hand, I suck at that game.

In order to give Tink a bit of a show, I kept "falling off" his lap and earning more swats. Finally, we got her on the phone and she kept finding ways to get me spanked-- I could have killed her. But it was all in good fun. When three o clock hit I said I should probably get going, Brooklyn is a lonnng ways from the part of Manhattan we were in. SO he called a cab service and gave me money for the ride home.

I thoroughly enjoyed that spanking, and I'm glad Tink was there to join in the fun.
He wants to meet one more time before I leave NY, I may, but I'm feeling a little spanked out.

And Pete thinks I'm letting too many people spank me too soon. He's worried about me, and he is a bit possessive I think.

Anyway it was a great night full of laughs, and even better 2 nights later Tink's top whipped her for staying up to watch us. I love happy endings!


Anonymous said...

Michelle, I am glad that you scoped out this guy's other play partners despite the two warnings. Some of those warnings can be bogus just because someone doesn't like another's style of spanking. You were smart in getting Wendy's approval. As for Pete worrying about you because you are letting too many spank you too soon.....I have to agree on that part but of course you ARE playing it safe and THAT does count for something! I am glad that you had fun with James and that you might meet with him again before leaving New York.

As for Tink getting to watch and you putting on a show for her I am sure that it was a good time for all. I am sure you were VERY glad to hear that she got whipped for staying up past her curfew. Did you get to watch her Top spank her? I would think that would only be fair! LOL! Glad that you are having fun and playing it safe. I am sure Wendy is proud of you too for taking the necessary precautions.

Michelle said...

I think I should get to watch Tink too!

I think I agree that I am meeting a lot of people in a short time as well, but that doesn't change fact that I think he is possessive sometimes.

However I am in Israel for two weeks, these shall be some VANILLA weeks.

And wendy is not just proud of me for it, she would spank the heck out of me if I wasn't careful--- you kiddin'? You read about my discipline!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I did read about how she disciplined you and yeah I would have to agree if you weren't playing it safe she would spank you for it a lot longer and harder! Pete might be a possessive person at times but as long as he doesn't overdo it then just take it to mean he cares a lot about you and your safety!

Have fun in Isreal and I am sorry they have to be vanilla weeks. I am sure you will make up for it when you return to the States! *G*

Jai said...

Hey Michelle!!

Check out my new blog.....

I stole some ideas from you!!

<3 Jai

Jai said...

Haha Michelle,

I almost got arrested at Bryant Park once for feeding pigeons by accident. My McDonald's bag had a hole and french fries were falling out, lol.