Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Back from Israel

Hey all,
I'm back from my vanilla weeks in Israel, and my Spanko family member Jai (a new lil sis) started her first spanko blog. :)

I'm feeling so spank deprived right now... Well no worries, Joker and I are meeting up on Saturday! More on that soon to come.

Whilst in Israel I decided this spanking thing must be genetic. They way my big cousin mentioned spanking and swatted his girlfriend more than once... I think there is a genetic spanking strand in our DNA.

More to come shortly!



Anonymous said...

Michelle, let me be the first one to welcome you back from Israel! I hope you had a nice time and had a good trip. I am sorry you feel so spanked deprived but only two and a half more days before you meet up with Joker! Maybe he will give you an extra session since it has been TWO WHOLE WEEKS! Of course he has some catching up to do anyway since I am sure you did something in Isreal to get into trouble! LOL! Good to have you back, hun! Hugs!

Michelle said...

Me? Do something to get in trouble?

yeah that sounds like me

Ivan said...

My new spanking blog.