Monday, September 22, 2008

Meeting Up with Joker

He picked me up at 4:30 from my apartment. Just after I finished moving into my dorm.
I got in the car and we exchanged hellos. He responded with: "First thing that happens when we get through my door is you are going over my knee and getting spanked."

Shivers ran down my spine, I tingled all over, I blushed, and smiled 'til I couldn't see any more. I really did not want to wait the hour it took to get to his house through traffic.

"So a month is sufficient anticipation?" I asked, referring to his need to make me wait endlessly. My trip to New York and Israel really felt so empty with out spanks from Joker.

"If you want to put it like that"

We drove, exchanging witty/flirty banter--we're good at that.

"SHIT!" I exclaimed when we were half way there "I forgot your souvenir!"
"Aw, hun, there's always, next time." he said in the 'pity voice' he uses when I say my bottom sore.
"I can't believe I forgot it!"
"Well, don't worry you'll be spanked for it."
Instantly I forgot about the belt and all the anticipation came back. I was (scratch that, AM) ridiculously hot for him.

The closer we got to his house, the giddier I got, my hands shook, I giggled, I rambled on about nothing.

"Aww hun, your giddy." He always does this
"Yes I am."
"Awww." there was that 'pity voice' again, he is so adorable with it.

We got to his place, and walked past the pool of 8-11 year olds splashing around with their mother watching
I hope they can't hear I thought, getting rather self conscious. We walked up the flight of stairs, and arrived, it's the first door on the left. I walked in and...
"Put your stuff down." He said sitting on the couch. I complied and he grabbed my wrist and pulled me over his lap.

THWAP! He smacked my jeans. I was wearing thong underwear for the first time in a long time so I could feel it a little more than usual.


It continued on my jeans for a while, and it didn't hurt at all, yet. I giggled, and looked back at him.

"Is this the part where I'm supposed to say 'ow'?" I said
"You've been watching too many videos."

After some time he told me to stand up and take my jeans down.
"That's like the same as bare bottom, I'm wearing a thong."
"Well that was a smart idea."
"I was being sarcastic."

I pulled my jeans down to my knees.
"Step out of them." He commanded. I love when he orders me to do things. I love when he calls me young lady. I love when he talks in his firm voice.
I complied and he grabbed my wrist and led me over his knee.
That hurt more than I remember, but it was so yummy.
Any cares I had about his neighbors hearing me started to flee. I was being spanked and that was all it took.


I kicked my legs and tried to block a few spanks with my toes (I'm flexible like that, and usually tops won't fault you for trying to block your bottom with your feet, like they do when you reach back with your hands)

We teased each other back and forth. Always a bad (good) idea to tease a spanking top.
"Hips up." he said as he pulled down my underwear.
That won't make any difference I thought with a shrug. Boy was I wrong. Not because I felt it more, but because he started going harder. It was somewhat ceremonial, I was officially bare bottom, and he was officially going harder.





"EEEK!!" I squealed in surprise as he spanked my thighs. He never spanked them before, and I suddenly understood why people say it hurts more; it does.

"You changed while I was gone!"
"You became a thigh spanker."
"Yeah, I neglected them last time" he said, thoroughly attending to the previously "neglected areas.

I could feel myself getting really wet. The situation, the way he was talking, just being back and over his lap.

I challenged him about something, I'm not quite sure what.
I looked up at him.

"Are you going to stop bratting and behave?" SMACK he asked amidst an applause of spanks on my bottom.
"Honestly?" He delivered a few sharp smacks to my bottom. "OW, well I'm just asking." I giggled
"What are you giggling at?" SMACK "you've been a bad girl. Haven't you?"
"No I'm a good girl, I just have a bad behaviour sometimes."
"You still haven't answered my question, are you going to behave?"
"Probably not." SMACK SMACK SMACK it was like rapid fire on my butt. "Okay Okay, I'll behave!"
"You're just saying that for me to stop spanking you."
Somewhere in this conversation, I rolled my eyes... bad idea.
"Do NOT every roll your eyes at me again! Understand." he asked spanking harder on the sit spots, and thighs.
"Yes Sir."
"Stand up." I complied "get the hairbrush."
"Shit" My stomach lurched as I went to grab the hairbrush.

To be continued...


Anonymous said...

Ugh....Michelle! You should be spanked for leaving us hanging like this! Bad, bad girl!

I am happy that you have finally got your tushy spanked and hopefully your lack of spanking blues are over!

Some Tops and spankers are so easy to tease and brat! Seems like Joker is one of them and you both had a really good time. I am hapy that your meeting went so well.

Now, young lady, get to the other part ASAP! WEG

sinfullyanon said...

~~That was so good,...and, so BAD!

Onward & Upward, Michelle.

"..bad behavior," indeed!


Anonymous said...

Ok, Michelle! where is Part 2 to this story? You can NOT possibly be that busy to leave your readers hanging. definitely need a spanking young lady! When do you see Wendy again? WEG

Debbie said...

Dang girl! We're at month SIX here!!!! Where's the feckin 'to be continued'???? ;)


TheBrokenHeartedButterFly said...

hey these are good blogs! you should finish this one because it's almost been eight months....

Debbie said...

Not to mention the fact that I get to meet Joker ANNNNNNND Ms. thang here ;) ... and another awesome friend too.. canNOT WAAAAAAAIT!!!!!!!!! :D:D:D

Sara Vibes said...


you are in big trouble Michelle!

you'll be begging for the joker after im done with you!

get writing!!