Friday, August 29, 2008

Last night with an old friend AKA converting a vanilla

Okay so I have some stories that I have yet to catch you up on, but this happened last night, and was too good not to blog about.

When I was in elementary school there was a boy I had a crush on, we shall call him Mark. Now Mark is your typical Nerdy guy. Sweet, quirky, knows everything about everything. Lets put it this way, in fifth grade, his friends and him both played pokemon and made up parodies about Kenneth Starr, how many 10 year olds had a clue who Kenneth Starr was?

Anyway. We dated at age 10, he was my first kiss, he thought it was yucky and I dumped him-- Oh 10 year olds and their dramas.

So athe last time I saw him I was 12, and after 8 years of not seeing him, we reconnect through the wonder of Facebook, and we meet up. We hit up a bar, get to talking, and I know, I just know I will end up talking about TTWD, I just can't help it, Imma freak, (in the best way possible) I ask him if he'd ever seen Secretary Oh, please let him be a closet spanko like me. I think.

"Nope, but I bet I can guess what it is about in three guesses or less."
"A secretary?"

I told him its about the BDSM world.
"So how long have you been into that?" He asks
Oh shit, he's on to me. I never said I was into it
"Officially, since May"

I start talking about all of this stuff, the boards, DD, OTK, TTWD, every acronym you can conjure. We go to his apartment and he is talking about electrical engineering, and how an electrical circuit is the physical representation of a logic statement. It's humorous because his scientific talk would be intermingled with drug talk. He snorted a line of coke, right in front of me! What happened to little Mark?

"So how does a scene go?" He asks
"Well, it's different each time, sometimes there is cornertime, and sometimes there is scolding." I said kind of timidly blushing. "Then the top might pat his or her lap and the bottom would go, um OTK-- Over the knee." I giggled
"Do you want to try a scene?" He has a bit of a stutter, but he said that sentence with such certainty I was shocked.
"What, Now?!" I said in a grave whisper SERIOUSLY??
"With your mom sleeping in the room over?" Nooooo way!
"How loud can it be?"

I almost burst in laughter 'How loud can it be?' ha ha ha ha ha

Well he had a solution, we went down to the gym room in his apartment building, it was 3 in the am, and did the scene there. He laid me over a yoga ball and I told him usually you warm up with a hand spanking.


The inconsistancies were funny, I kind of just let him play on my butt.
OMG I'm converting a vanilla.


He was playing a rhythm on my butt ha ha ha. Then he started to rub it, as I suggested. I told him if you want your bottom to last, you need to rub in between smackings.

"There must be some sort of optimization equation for the ratio of spanking time to rubbing to get the most effective spanking." He said in perfect Mark style.

After some rubbing I gave him permission to use the belt. he didn't double it properly at first, and his swing was very small, so I taught him how to do it and HOLY SHIT.

I told him I'd blog about him, but I was behind on my blogging.

"Well do you think that was very smart to your fans at large on the internet 2.0" (something like that)

I laughed, he was trying to be toppy it was cute.

After I taught him how to use a belt, he was leaving welts on one side and barely hitting the other. ALL in all I thing it was a good first time experience for him, and a very fun reunion ;)


Lucy said...

I think that has to be one of the smoothest conversion stories I've ever heard. It took me FOREVER to get Jekyll to even try anything more than his hand with any force. (Sadly, he's returned to the "vanilla side.") It sounds like you're having fun, just remember to stay safe!


Anonymous said...

MIchelle, congrats on converting a vanilla. It does sound like you and Mark had a very good time with the spanking. Like Lucy said I am glad that you're having fun but stay safe! Congrats on your reunion with an old friend as well.

Anonymous said...

Dear Michelle,

I just found your blog and only have begun to read your stories.

I am not in line as the others to congratulate you for turning your vanilla friend.

This story filled me with concern.

You allowed a man who just snorted cocaine and who has no experience to not only spank you with his hand but then to also use an implement?

Your decision to allow yourself to bottom for this scene was a poor one. Please do not place yourself in such a position again.

You should be punished for this behavior. Do you have someone in your life who cares enough to apply correction?

If so please show him this journal entry and my comment and see if he/she agrees.

Please be safe,

Michelle said...

She knows about it, and we chatted about it. Thank you for your concern Denise!