Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My first web Cam spanking

As Wendy is taking me under her wing 'til Oregon, she had a talk with me about rudeness.
Apparently, when I sign off on Yahoo! Instant Messenger without saying HUGS first, people felt like I was being rude. I tended to just say goodbye and sign off quickly, without giving them the chance to respond.

She said it was no big deal, but if she finds out I was being rude again that I'd be in for a spanking.
"on cam?" I ask
"yes little one."

I will be perfect I decide!

Later that evening, Alyson, Wendy and I are in a conference on YIM. I was joshing around, and I did something to catch Wendy's attention

Wendy: Michelle Renee!
Me: Yes Ma'am
Alyson: giggles
Me: Alyson would you please shut up?
Wendy: Did we or did we not just have a talk about being rude?
Me: Yes ma'am
Wendy: And what did I say would happen if you were rude again?
Me: A spanking Ma'am
Wendy: How?
Me: On cam, Ma'am
Wendy: That's right
Me: But I was only playing.
Wendy: But you were rude.
Me: Yes Ma'am

She instructed me to get my implements ready, and the next possible time I'd get spanked.
We had to wait for my dad to be out of the house and for her to have time. It seemed like an eternity, actually it was 2 days.

First we talked about it on skype,
"Why are we here?" She asked me
"Because I was rude, Ma'am"
We discussed the situation, I told her I felt like I was just playing around and it was unfair, she said that if she hadn't just talked to me about being rude than it wouldn't be a big deal.

She had me pull down my pants and underwear and use the hairbrush to spank my bottom and my sit spots a few times on each side to test it out. Then she had me do 10 hard ones on each cheek and each sit spot then talk to her about how it was for me.

She asked me open ended questions, so that I couldn't just say "fine" or "okay"
"What was that like for you?" She asked
I told her I was nervous and embarrassed.
She said it wasn't always about the pain.

Then she had me do a repeat of that session only harder and faster, and that was it.
During the session all I could think about was compelling my muscles to cause me pain.
Wouldn't it be more painful if she did it? Can I do it hard enough for her?

In reality it was just a short quick session to get me used to the idea.
That was it.
All in all it worked well. Little did I know that I'd be earning myself another one in two days :D

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