Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Trip to Oregon! Pt 1

I took a Greyhound bus up to San Francisco, where Alyson met me and we drove up to Oregon.
We stayed in a Hotel6 for the night, so stoked about meeting Wendy, Pete, Samantha.

We ended up being bratty all night, if there were tops around, our bottoms would have been whupped. We pulled each other out of our beds, talked, squealed, and jumped. It was so fun.

The next day we discovered that Samantha's flight was super delayed and Wendy and Pete wouldn't be getting in until Midnight.

Alyson and I were bummed to the max... were we still going to get spanked tonight?
We wandered around the local mall when all of a sudden we saw it....glowing like, like, like a buried treasure in a movie. The neon sign called our names "ALYSON" "MICHELLE" this is why Wendy and Pete are late!

it was... SPENCER'S GIFTS!

We looked around. We bought some fake cigs, some cream that makes smoke when you slap it, and a magnet for Pete that said "Warning may be prone to Shenanigans and Malarky" (He's Irish)

We wanted to put the cream on our bums so that when we got spanked, they would smoke.
Unfortunately the cream was gooey and smelly and didn't work.

We also bought some cereal to plant in their beds and a bubble maker thing, for some general brattery.

When we got to the hotel we didn't do much for the next few hours, but we decided Alyson would put me in the trunk of her car and I would pop out when they came in, fake cig in hand.
We did so and when we all met, it was just sheer excitement. I mean we had been talking online for over a month almost every single night. I hugged Samantha and almost fell over in shock it was so great to finally be meeting them.

We went up to the room, and Wendy starts laying out all her implements as Pete and Samantha recount the various embarrassing spankings that happened on the ride up. Including Samantha being spanked in a gas station in front of the service guy. EEP

Uh oh, I thought What am I in for?

Wendy tells us to go take a look at all the implements. I am looking at them in shock and awe. I've never been so close to this many weapons of mass destruction before (okay not really, more like implements of ass destruction)
She had paddles upon paddles mixed with leather and delrin canes, and omigod, I'm not gonna lie I was scared.

She picked up the irish school strap (Instrument made from two layers of leather, stitched together. One and a half inches wide; eighteen inches long; three-eighths of an inch thick.) and told us all to hold out our palms. My eye were already watering. seriously? So I hesitantly held out my hand. WHACK
My eyes filled up.
I started shaking my hand out... that fekkin' hurt

"And that was just a shoulder fall!" Wendy Said.

That was not just a shoulder fall! my head shouted, but my mouth knew better than to say that.

Then we were each going to get a short spanking and off to bed. Samantha was the first. The rest of us waited in the living room of the suite in anticipation. Knowing we were next. I held Alyson's hand. Eep


We listened as the instruments alternated and the cries became harder to contain.
I sat in my seat scared and excited, oh shit, oh shit, Am I doing the right thing?


Natty said...

Ah, Spencers. The supply store for brats everywhere.

Your trip up here sounds like it was a blast, even if being strapped on the hands hurts a LOT. ;-)

OliviaManners said...


I just wanted to say thank you for commenting on my blog last month and sorry for not replying!

I've been taking a mini blogging break!

Keep in touch and keep writing.

All the best,

Olivia x