Monday, May 19, 2008

SO long SO sorry

So where have I been?
Getting my effing homework done that's where ;-P
Anyway--I had an "aha moment" as Oprah would say.

Maybe, Pest is right, maybe I've judged Drew too quickly.
Maybe, because I've assumed that Drew is not a spanko, he doesn't act like one.
For example, because I assume he won't take charge, I tell him how to take charge-- and because I tell him how to take charge he is never really taking charge... make sense?
I dominate him to be dominating... instead of being submissive and allowing him to fulfill the role.

Get it?

I have more to try-- mwah ha ha...

Yes I think our spankings have only been semi fulfilling because as much as I say he's in control, I'm in control.

I just need to trust him...
Oh G-d another chick with trust issues-- that's not cliche

Thanks and Spanks


MRBILL said...

topping from the bottom!
What's a poor deprived spankee to do when they aren't getting any?

Pest said...

Michelle, because you and Drew are both newly into this DD relationship you both need to give it time. Topping from the bottom isn't nice and most dominants don't appreciate it. I have also been told that it is disrespectful to Top from the Bottom. You can leave him hints and things like that but allow Drew to take charge. If you are the one who takes charge so he can take charge it doesn't work that way and it is VERY frustrating. So be PATIENT little girl! *Hugs*

Michelle said...

Well we broke up now-- I get to try again with someone else