Monday, May 5, 2008

Natalie's first (FICTION SPANKING)

This is my first attempt at fiction spanko writing, I hope you enjoy it.

Natalie Sharpa was a nineteen year old college student. She was smart, with quick wit, and a body to match. She always had the right thing to say, found herself in every leadership position, and was never in trouble a day in her life. So how, she wondered, did she end up face down on her boyfriend's arm chair with her pants at her ankles.

Her heart jumped in her chest as she waited and pondered, He said he'd be back "soon" what does that mean?

Scott and Natalie met in ninth grade, and fell in puppy love, but over the past five years Natalie felt that they had grown together; Scott knew her better than anyone, in every sense of the word. Suddenly, door creaked open, Scott walked in and tapped Natalie lightly on the buttocks

She jumped, "What are you doing?"

"You said you'd trust me right?" Said Scott, "well than, trust me!"

Reluctantly Natalie resumed the position.


Natalie jumped a little, but allowed the spanking to continue. THWAP, SMACK, THWAP
Scott's slaps came down on her perky anxious butt in rapid succession.

Natalie found herself actually enjoying this, could he know her better than she knew herself?

"I love you Natie, I'd do anything for you. Even spank you. Give up being in control for a few moments, you might like taking orders for once." Scott said with a chortle as he swung his arm back and landed with a THWACK.

This is really starting to hurt, thought Natalie through moans and whimpers, she debated trying to stop him. However, she couldn't deny the amazing tingle generating from her clitoris and flowing through her entire being.

When Scott's hand finally ceased, Natalie began to stand.

"What are you doing?" Scott asked "Did I tell you to stand?"

"What?" Natalie retorted

"You will bend over the chair until I tell you otherwise, and you will refer to me as sir. Is that clear."

"Yes sir?" Natalie said as she bent over the chair

"Is that a question?"

"No sir." Natalie complied, finally understanding the rules of the game.

"You just earned yourself 5 lashes with the belt. Count them!" Scott said with a smirk

Scott remove his belt slowly allowing the anticipation to built. Natalie was both excited and scared, she'd didn't know what to expect from a belt's lash.
"One" Natalie squealed in shock from the fire of the belt
By five Natalie was out of breath and so ready to have sex with Scott, this was the best foreplay she had ever experienced.
Her whole body shook, as much as she loved sex with Scott, she never felt this excited to have him in her, he carried her to his bed and pinned her down. Entering her faster, harder, deeper, occasionally pulling out ever so slightly to tease her, leave her wanting more. Until he could no longer control himself and was making love to her harder and more passionate than ever. Each gyration slammed Natalie's fiery bum into the bed deeper, creating the most beautiful pain she had ever experienced.
She never knew she could need someone like this.

As they cuddled in bed, Natalie looked up at Scott in awe, how did he always know just what she needed?


Pest said...

Even though it is a first attempt at writing fiction it is very good and I am sure the other readers will agree. Nice to know you have so many fantasies that can be turned into stories! Keep up the good work!

Now about having all these catching up to my office young lady! *WEG*

Michelle said...

HA HA-- this is what we call procrastination and not doing assignments, looks like I have some reporting back to my guy to do :-/