Monday, May 5, 2008

Can a spanko and a nonspanko work together?

What do you think?

My boyfriend isn't really a spanko-- he is afraid to hurt me, but likes to make me happy and does it anyway. He likes being dominant (he says) but he never checks in that I've fulfilled my commitments (I haven't and therefore totally deserve a spanking).

Do you think a non-spanko can be converted?


Pest said...

Yes, a non spanko can be converted to a spanko since I have read a lot about this and have known a few people on the internet that has been converted. Communication is the best way to do this and if Drew likes to make you happy and likes to be dominant then you two will find a way to coexist. Drew seems to be able to handle spanking you! *G*

MRBILL said...

I consider myself a switch, enjoying giving and receiving spankings. After many years together and lots of kinky sex, my wife still has trouble spanking me. She has given me some very hot spankings, but she is afraid to hurt me even when I really want more more more. Maybe that is a good safety because I would probably be sorry afterward if she did all that I was willing to do in the heat of the moment. She probably wishes I wasn't so enthusiastic when giving the spanks, but I would never do anything that she truly did not want.
Since you are just starting out with spanking, I wouldn't be too quick to label him a non-spanko yet.

Pest said...

Mrbill, switching is good of both worlds, isn't it? LOL! With your wife and I have seen more of it as well that they don't want to hurt you but then again that is the point isn't it? LOL! I am sure if you truly got what you wanted you will have a VERY sore butt! *WEG*

Michelle, mrbill is right. Don't be so quick to label Drew a non-spanko since you two are just starting out. Be patient and give it some time! You both are young and have the time to do this!

Mrs. Smith said...

I know I'm a day late and a dollar short, but I just found your blog! And I'd like to just say yes! Of course a spanko can be converted. My husband was the same way at first and now, here we are a year later, in all of his letters from Basic Training he mentions spanking me and disciplining me and fantasizing about it and all kinds of naughty things I never knew he thought about!!